Have Party Members Stay Put During Player Move Route

Discussion in 'RPG Maker VX Ace' started by 2d_quest, Feb 22, 2014.

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    I'm not sure how I should do this but, I want to have an have the other party members stay where they are while the player does a move route which at the end returns the player where he was.  Even if I turned off the party members and used events once I turned the members back on they would be in the wrong place.  Is it possible to freeze the followers' position or set the xy cords of the party members to keep them the same as they were before the move route?  I want to have the move route in a common event because I want to do this numerous times in my game.
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    Well whenever I have party members that aren't supposed to follow the player. I do set different events, these events would remove said characters from party and at the end of the event the would rejoin the player. Plus to rid of these events there must be a switch that turns them off, if you want them to move somewhere you will have to set a move route for these events individually to get hem in a certain place.

    I hope that helps. ;)
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    If you use this script


    You can enable or disable "leader chasing" by creating a follower move route and create a move route script call command

    chase_leader(false)This will stop the specified follower from chasing after whoever it's following.You can enable leader chasing when you want them to follow again.
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