Have two MP Bars (Thanks for the help!)


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May 22, 2020
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I'm working on a game in MV with two different kinds of "Magic." So, effectively, I want two meters for each Actor that act identically as "Magic" meters, but have different names and can be attributed to different components in the game.

In battle, depending on the skill used, it would cost a certain amount of MP-1 or MP-2 from it's dedicated meter (and some skills would potentially cost MP points from both meters, but may not cost the same amount of points for each type).
Both meters/ parameters would follow normal Level-up formulas as well. This would be modified for each class so some characters have a larger pool of one kind of magic than the other.
(For context, depending on what kind of class of magic points the skill uses, it will have universal risks or advantages. Part of the strategy of battle is knowing which type of skills work better in different circumstances, and how to balance the two MP pools so that you have the best skills available at the right times.)

This mechanic is integral to my game- it is a crux of the story and background of the world, and is an important mechanic in combat.

Unfortunately, I can't find a way to manipulate the TP parameter to act like MP, nor can I find a suitable plugin.

I would appreciate any suggestions!

(FYI, this is my first post in any forum ever, so feel free to assume I'm flying blind).


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Jul 22, 2014
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Moving this thread to Plugin Requests.

Game Mechanics Design is for engine-neutral game design discussion, not how-to questions. Normally I'd move this to the "RPG Maker MV" board, but since you're asking for TP to "level up" like MP does, you'll need a plugin to get things working as you'd like. I'm pretty sure such a plugin exists, but I can't think off what its name is offhand.

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