Jan 20, 2014
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Far in the future, a war between humans and machinery has left the island country of Japan isolated.
Now, decades after the Japanese managed to reclaim their country and rebuild it,
it seems normalcy has returned.
Hearts Like Clockwork follows the young Rin Kagamine as her ordinary daily life is about to become a lot more interesting,
...And a lot more dangerous.

In this game you play as Rin Kagamine, Crypton High School's first-year class president.
On the day her life is about to change forever. As the visions she has been suffering through
slowly turn towards a more dark, ominous reality.

The adventure she will be dragged into will require her wit, strength, charm,
and the help of her closest, most trusted friends if she hopes to make it out alive.

For the machine war that had caused her home country to become separated
from the rest of the world may not yet be over. And if that war were to fully break out in Japan.
The once proud nation, and for all she knows the last remnants of humanity may be gone forever.

Worst of all. This new threat knows who she is, and made her an unwitting target.
The next few days will be her and her friends finding out who is their new adversary.
And preparing for the fight against them.

Will you study with Luka?
Your teacher, and adoptive mother. Someone you could always rely on.
Perhaps she can instruct you on leadership skills that can benefit all of you.

Perform with Miku?
The girl you call your 'sister' A popular idol who can be a bit of a bully, but still loves you.
Wielding the power of rhythm and song to change the course of battle.

Or train with Gumi?
A rather rowdy girl with violent tendencies who seems to be extremely protective of you.
Focusing on becoming one with your weapon, a tiny package of raw power.

The answer could be a mix of the three.

Whether it's through friendship, Music, or brute force, Your actions may affect more lives than you initially thought.

This game features:

  • Original art by Melonie Moon
  • An original story which responds to your choices and playstyle.
  • Many familiar characters from the "Vocaloid" voice synthesizer franchise.
    Such as Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin/Len, Megurine Luka, and Megpoid Gumi.
  • A brand new "Smartphone" system that collects information about the world you're inhabiting,
    and lets you call your friends if you happen to be lost
  • A subtle twist on the Classic RPG-styled combat.
  • A simple friendship system, and innocent, pure youth romance (Note: at this time all romance options are girls)
  • Many jokes and references to Vocaloid songs and lore within them, none of which you need to know to enjoy the game!

Teaser trailer:

Difficulty select!



Outside the school!

Bullying the bullies!
The game demo can be downloaded at Itch.io!
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