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    Hearts of Iron III Quick Menu V1.1

    Tigurus Fay


    I am not addicted to Paradox games at all! But anyhow, I made a quick menu. Which allows you to make presets to quickly go to a certain difficulty, scenario, bonus etc.

    These presets are still hand-made with conditional branches though!


    - 4 Presets which can be used as difficulty or scenario's

    - 3 lines for scenario descriptions

    - Easy to edit scenario names & description

    - Go to Quick Menu when no save game is made. Else go to normal title screen.




    How to Use

    To install this script:

    Open the Script Editor (F11)

    Put a empty line under the default scripts and above main.

    Copy and paste the script from the text file into the editor.

    Additionally, you can copy-paste the script from the Demo on the same place.

    Close the editor and enjoy!

    Additional instruction:

    In the Quick Menu, Use "esc" to switch windows.

    Instruction: Use the config below to call your scenario's name.

    Use a intro map with an auto-event. Use conditional branches for:

    - tutorial

    - scenario1

    - scenario2

    - scenario3

    - scenario4

    As condition: Call Script: "$tutorial != nil and $tutorial == true" for the

    Conditions you want to send the player in when pressing the Tutorial Button

    For the others, change to $scenario1, 2, 3 or 4.

    In main we shall have to change

    "$scene = Scene_Title.new"

    $scene = Scene_QuickMenu.new
    for i in 0..3
    if FileTest.exist?("Save#{i+1}.rxdata")
    $scene = Scene_Title.new
    This script will most likely not work with any Title Screen script. Not tested on SDK


    A demo and the script can be found here


    Please download the script from the link above.

    Credit and Thanks

    - Tigurus Fay

    Author's Notes

    If any comments, questions or bugs arise, I would love to hear from you.

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