Aug 13, 2021
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Just wanna say hello. Have a nice day. :smile:

Ranting; skip
Made a test game with trial MZ recently with no plugins. Only base assets from MZ and MV.
- Some confusing terms or misunderstanding on my part. Example, I thought the "Battle Event Condition: Don't Run" meant the actors not escaping. It never occurred to me it literally means DON'T USE IT or "Not Active". Silly me.
- A little miffed that Event Variable couldn't be changed into equal only instead of equal or more. Rearranging the variable number of scene were a pain when you realise the events were arranged wrongly.
- Rearranging Items with ID Numbering is a pain without drag & drop function. That's on me. I'm just lazy and disorganised.
- Same as above for Event Content.
- Hardest scene to do was making an NPC Event move and stay at their new location. Had to make 3 Events just for that particular NPC. I'm sure there's a plugin that can somehow save an Event's location more permanently than creating them again and again just to save last location. Looks really messy without said plugin.
- This is just my taste but I had to import base assets from MV. MZ base asset were pretty limiting on beginner type enemies. Yes, there's crows. And zombies. And crabs. Sadly no classic slime. Had to add the slime instinctively.
- This one is for me. As a video editor, I would balance the audio with an audio mixer. I just wish there was a popout window type tool to show audio volume. Yes, there's 3rd party software to do that. I already have Voicemeter. I'm slightly disappointed that a long developed game maker software didn't have the basic tool for adjusting audio more conveniently. Yes, this is a game maker, not an audio mixing software. I get it. I just feel sad for the audio side of things.

Anyway, if you read the rant. Sorry.
See ya later and have a nice day. :biggrin:


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Apr 8, 2017
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Welcome @speckyelf ! :smile:

Regarding the rant, don't bother about it, everyone usually have a hard time learning something new at first.

If you need some guidance, my game tutorial may be of some help (even it being aimed at MV, it still apply to many things in MZ :wink: ).

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