Apr 2, 2017
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I've been playing with rpg maker since rpg maker 98, then 2000, 2k3, vx...
My old pc can't run MV, which is sad... (it lags) I will need to get a better pc someday.
I'm fairly fluent at English, despite having a different native language.

I have a deviantart with some nickname somewhere but it's unimportant. I think this is my first time on this forum.
While I can do all kinds of things like, draw, write, code and other stuff that I mentioned on my profile, the reason why I came here this time is to engage with the community and celebrate my new youtube channel ^_^ That's my project for this year lol. Rather than make games I will be playing with games.

Maybe I will share some bits of my art or older projects here at some point, or maybe I will share something new, who knows. Haha, if you want one example, there's my avatar, but that was like, a 20 min sketch... I think?

I am interested in (and have dabbled in) a wide field of arts, including 2d bitmap, 2d vector, 3d stuff in blender, some animation..., a bit of pixel art, various sorts of writing, a couple of programming languages (mainly python, ruby and javascript), some attempts at creation of music, different game creation programs... I enjoyed some gamasutra articles some years ago too. I'm quite fascinated with general worldbuilding and game creation theories and concepts. Maybe I will share some of my thoughts here and there, although I tend to get bored with forums after a while, so I may end up dropping off for this or another reason.

I must be kept away from political discussions at all cost.

I played loads of rpg maker games in the past, like, hundreds, including old popular classics like a blurred line, although nowadays horror rpg maker games are the popular stuff, they are nice too. My favourite rpg maker game is probably yume nikki ^_^

I'm also interested in all kinds of other things, and I enjoy some games from pretty much every genre, but I'm here for the rpg maker stuff. I played a lot of old classics, like wolfenstein, dune, simcity and loads of other games. I also played a lot of jrpgs, out of which, chrono trigger is my favourite (cliché, I know)

I can keep talking for hours, but nobody would want to read that, lol, so, I shall stop here.


Jun 10, 2014
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Welcome. Don't worry about the political discussions. They are forbidden here (unless I suppose discussing fictional world game politics as game mechanics). Looking forward to seeing an original artwork game; I'm trying to do one, but I keep getting caught up in other projects. Looking forward to some new RPG review videos too, because I'm too lazy to try all the games. Enjoy the forum. I have yet to get bored with it and leave, even though I try try try.

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