Help File Improvement: Parameter Tab Information.

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Mar 10, 2013
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Description of the Feature:
  • This feature would be a quality of life update to the RMMV (RPG Maker MV) Help File. Adding information as to what the Parameters, EX-Parameters and SP-Parameters do in the Editor so new users are not confused as to what 'Critical Evasion', 'Pharmacology', 'Physical Damage', 'Floor Damage', Et Cetera do; as well as giving RM veterans a much needed reference to look at.

[Param] Tab
Raises and lowers parameters such as Max HP, and Attack Power at a fixed rate. Specify the desired parameter and the change (0 to 1000%, 100% means no change).
  • Max HP | Max value of HP.
  • Max MP | Max value of MP.
  • Attack | Affects amount of damage dealt mainly by physical attacks.
  • Defense | Affects amount of damage suffered mainly from physical attacks.
  • M.Attack | Affects amount of damage dealt mainly by magic attacks.
  • M.Defense | Affects amount of damage suffered mainly from magic attacks.
  • Agility | Determines action order during a turn.
  • Luck | Affects chance of adding state or debuffing a parameter.
Raises and lowers the values of extra parameters such as Hit Rate and Evasion Rate. Specify the desired parameter and the percentage to add (-1000 to 1000%, starting value is 0%).

  • Hit Rate | Chance of a physical attack scoring a hit on a target.
  • Evasion Rate | Chance of evading a physical attack.
  • Critical Rate | Chance of scoring a critical hit.
  • Critical Evasion | Chance of preventing a critical hit.
  • Magic Evasion |Chance of nullifying a magic attack.
  • Magic Reflection | Chance of reflecting back a magic attack.
  • Counter Attack | Chance of a counterattack against a physical attack.
  • HP Regeneration | Percentage of HP restored at end of each turn.
  • MP Regeneration | Percentage of MP restored at end of each turn.
  • TP Regeneration | Percentage of TP added at end of each turn.

Raises and lowers the values of special parameters such as Target Rate and Guard Rate. Specify the desired parameter and the change (0 to 1000%, starting value is 100%).
  • Target Rate | Chance of being a target of an enemy attack
  • Guard Effect | Strength of damage reduction effect of the defense command
  • Recovery Effect | Percentage of HP/MP recovery effect received
  • Pharmacology | Percentage of HP/MP recovery enhancement by an item
  • MP Cost Rate | Percentage by which to vary MP consumption by a skill
  • TP Charge Rate | Percentage by which to vary TP charging by a skill/item
  • Physical Damage | Percentage of physical damage received
  • Magic Damage | Percentage of magic damage received
  • Floor damage | Percentage of damage received from map terrain
  • Experience | Percentage at which to vary the amount of experience points acquired

(This mock-up was created by taking the information available in the RMVXA help file and adjusting it to match RMMV's naming scheme for parameters and adding it to the pre-existing RMMV help file. It is understood this is not likely to be the final version, this exists primarily to show how the missing information would potentially look.)

Why is this feature good?
This feature is great because of the following:
  • The RMXVA (RPG Maker VX Ace) Help File contains a short section providing information on what the Parameters, EX-Parameters, and SP-Parameters are and how they function in relation to traits. The RMMV Help File is lacking in such information, instead giving a vague idea of what these parameters might do. Adding further information will make understanding what these parameters will do.
  • Having pertinent information on-hand will allow both new and veteran users of the RMMV editor to have a quick reference guide without having to obtain an RMVXA help file for pertinent information.

Possible issues with this feature?
Issues that might arise from this feature:
  • No expected user issue.


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Mar 23, 2017
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Absolutely yes. It's just 30 minutes of work, but will definitely improve the awareness of these things.

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