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    https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/galvs-message-busts.48901/I've been looking for these things so far...

    So, I've been meaning to create a post and looked all over the land of youtube and google.
    My question are: Is there a skill or a certain amount of code that allows the user...
    Party Limit Breaker (Solved)

    Guard skill (specific) I'm currently running Olivia's script "Weakness display" alongside the break counter due to me being a huge persona fan and dissidia ff, or games like space lord. In one of olivia's code it indicates that you can guard your weaknesses. I named this skill Guard. you can find the code/display here she's awesome.
    (A shield that stops all elements for 1 turn, that's also a guard - solved)

    Mana Shield : have their hp be protected by their mp for a certain amount of turns.
    Example: User goes into a certain state and that state- in that state, all damage (physical or magical so on so forth) is now dealt directly to the MP bar. I'm more of an artist than a coder myself(i just know events and simple codes)

    My use: I'm creating a character that when that character uses that certain skill their MP bar becomes his HP as a shield for x amount of turns (or all incoming damage is directed towards his hp bar)(could even be some controversy of coding)

    I'm currently in the use of Yanfly's and mix of cores that I'm capable of handling if it takes that or variables.

    Attack the weak : Simply put, in Persona 4 the dizzy state.
    "Affected characters are unable to attack for a turn. When a character is down, there is a 100% chance of becoming Dizzy if their weakness is hit or they receive a critical hit, and a 50% chance of becoming Dizzy if they are hit with a normal attack." I'm trying to implement this in a way that it makes sense.

    and a step further would be making an enemy vulnerable to a criticals, and every time you land a crit one of the shield break goes down since I already gave up on the "1 more" Reward.

    Is there a command that hides hud? I'm currently using Galv's face plugin, I'm sure you are familiar with it but...
    (refer) As you can also see I'm also using Olivias battle UI as well.

    I know i can hide yanfly's Party limit break gauge by an action, but I can't do the same about the UI in the background nor can I fade the characters/pictures upwards. Are there any commands that at least free up window or give it higher value like the show picture command?

    "Searching far and wide" I hope it doesn't sound like "

    That's all my extensive research and just madness of late nights and coffee. And I had all these questions coming up and I'm sorry if this is the wrong topic. English is my second language but, I hope I made my points or situation clear in what the confusion is about. Please help ^^;

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    I've moved this thread to Plugin Requests. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.


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