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Jan 9, 2021
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Just a suggestion when story crafting:

Start with segments of a character's life, like Childhood, Teen Years, and if they are an adult when the game would start, include details of their adult life before game start.

Now with the segments, ask questions about the character:

Childhood - Where did they grow up? Was it a town or a city or was it in the wild? While they were growing up, what did they enjoy doing for play time? Who were their friends, if any? Who were their parents (maybe a single parent? maybe raised by a different family?)? Did they have any siblings (Brothers and/or Sisters)? When they were young, did they grow up on any tales of adventurers or heroes or legends or even fairy tales? Did they learn anything while they were young (woodcutting, bartering, botany, hunting, etc)?

And you keep going. Ask til you feel you like you've asked enough. Then move on to the next segment, and then the next.

Finally, really ponder the questions. Read the questions as if someone else is asking them of you. In most games we make, we ARE the Main Character. Not directly, obviously, but they are extensions of us. They have lives and experiences we can only imagine, they tend to be what we wish for ourselves.

Story crafting IS definitely difficult. But once we are on a roll, gods help us if we can stop to eat & sleep for a short break.
No story is without worth, all stories deserve to be told, even if you think its dumb or not enough. A story that goes untold is a tragedy, something to be mourned.
You'll find the plot, it just takes time, same with making a game.

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