Help! Self Step Switch On/off problem


Jan 4, 2017
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hi, im i dont really understand step switch on/off and using the next page to trigger.

here's my code so far for event.

Control Variables: #0001 trap step Steps (Game Data)

if trap step >= 3

 self switch A On

floor count += 1

trap step = 0

on the next page i have

self switch A Off (with graphic showing a pit)

if trap step >= 3

 transfer player (map id x,y)

floor count -= 1

trap step -= Steps (Game Data)

Self switch A Off

shouldnt this allow me to step on it 3 times and trigger a pit hole, and reset on next map transfer, to 3 steps again (more). but it doesnt do that. i fall into the trap, in one step on next map transfer. I need help, spent 8 hours trying to figure this one out.
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Mar 2, 2012
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No.  You are using the number of steps the player has taken in your variable.  Game Data > Steps is how many steps have been taken, not how many times the event has been activated.  This means as long as the player takes more than 3 steps before activating your event, that >= 3 condition is met and the self switch will be turned on.  You don't need the conditional branch in the second page, because that condition has to be met even before the second page is activated, so of course it will be true on the second page.

Also, variables are global, so unless you reset it before going to the next event, the next event will use the values set from the previous event.  

If you just want to interact with the event 3 times before it does something, I suggest you set up 4 event pages.  Page 1 has no conditions and turns on self switch A.  Page 2 is conditioned by self switch A being ON (not OFF as you've typed above - I don't even think you can set a switch or self switch to OFF as a page condition, can you?) and turns self switch B ON.  Page 3 is conditioned by self switch B being ON, and turns self switch D ON, as well as transferring the player.  Page 4 is conditioned by self switch D being ON, and has the pit graphic.  It will also have a transfer command if you want the player to fall through again if they come back to this level.  Self switches do NOT get reset when you return to the map, so if you want that to happen, you will need a way of resetting them when the map is loaded.

If you can't figure it out, please show screenshots of your event pages, as that will give us more information than you've provided (always show screenshots of events rather than typing out commands, because the commands are only a small - and usually less important - part of the event information).  Use Alt + PrintScreen, which captures the entire event window but leaves out the desktop background.  This gives us much more information than a description would, without shrinking it so it's difficult to read.
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