Help to Make Rules on My New Weapon Types

Buitzern Aldo

Apr 5, 2017
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Hello guys... Lately I want to make some different type of weapons with their own characteristic, each type will be linked with YEP.51-Weapon Unleash to deliver different normal attack skill

I want to make 4 types of weapon:
1. Normal -> attack combo 3x
2. Grind -> attack combo > 5x
3. Buster -> attack combo 1-2x
4. AOE -> attack combo 1-2x
*attack combo times (above) only happen in normal attack command
and of course each type has different damage and weakness

I got some problems with it, how to make these type more balance in game, and I get an idea but don't know how to make it work

I want to make these rules:
1. When use Normal Type Weapon it will boost Normal Type Skill, but when AOE Type Weapon use Normal Type Skill it will lack
2. When use Grind Type Weapon it will boost Grind Type Skill, but when Buster Type weapon use Grind Type Skill it will lack
3. And the reverse

but I don't know any plugin or something like that :kaocry:
I wonder if someone can help me to make that rules or suggest any tips to make my weapon types more balanced in other way

Thanks :kaoswt:

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