Apr 19, 2018
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Hello everyone, I am new here and I am new to the RPG Maker engine. I recently bought the RPG MAKER MV and I have an excellent game idea to create but I have a lot of doubts and I would like to know if you would help me?

my doubts are:

1-Where do I get good scripts to by in my game?

2-How do I edit the full home screen of my game?

3- How do I change my name or my company before the home screen?

4-Is there any creator of characters besides what already has in the engine? That is more complete or I know it?

5-Do you have any kind of character creator?

6-How do I set a mount system? I wanted my character to mount on his dragon.

7-Where do I get good Tilesets in the style of Chrono Trigger?

8-how do I make cutscenes in 8bits to by in my game? I wanted to make cutscenes to tell the story of the game.

9- Where do I get good songs and sound effects for the game?

10- and lastly, it's not a question I'm going to use this last one to explain more or less the idea I have for the game, the game will be Chrono Trigger type with the same Battle System, with an engaging story, with everything that an RPG of precise respect but will be all based on the nordic mythology with many heroes of mythology, with all the gods and monsters. but I do not think much for the RPG MAKER MV so I'm sorry to bother and thank you for your help and thank you !!!!


Aug 3, 2012
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'MV IMprovement Boards' is where suggestions for improving the engine are discussed. It is not for asking general questions about how to use the engine.
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1] Scripts are called Plugins when used in MV. Look at the section 'Plugin Releases'. Yanfly and SmRndmDde have a lot of plugins which are very popular.
2] By 'home screen' do you mean the Title screen? If so, by putting in your own graphics in the folders Titles 1 and Titles 2, and then amending the info in the Systems tab of the database.
3] Use a splash screen plugin
4] There are several character generators. For example, Schlangan's extended generator is free, Game Character Hub Premium is for sale.
5] Is this the same as [4]?
6] Through the use of customised sprite sheets and eventing.
7] There are a lot of free tiles in the Resources forum. I don't know if they are in the style of Chrono Trigger, you would have to look.
8] Making cutscenes is done by eventing. You can also make them using a video, but that is more memory intensive.
9] Look in the General Resources section, there are literally a couple of thousand music tracks to choose from.

As you will need to be competent at eventing and switches to make this sort of game, I strongly recommend that before beginning you look at Andar's compilation of info for new users. In particular, he has links to 2 playable tutorials, one for Event Commands and one for Switches and Variables. Going through these now will give you a solid foundation and will save you a lot of time and frustration in the future.

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