Help with a Plugin/Scripting issue for my game (need Summon Fix and alternate code for side battler

Discussion in 'Javascript/Plugin Support' started by SoulSearcher91, Oct 11, 2019.

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    hello I would really love some advice on an a few issues im having and i want to try and sort them before starting my game properly. this may get complicated but please bare with me (may contain Max noobage)

    My planned Idea

    what im trying to do is have Character sprites as battlers instead of the SVActors and have the enemies be the same, Summons (using Battler images), Custom weapons animations for both Actors and Enemies and finally have the abillity to change appearance and stats in battle, then have them change again (similar to DBZ when you would have Goku transforms SS1Goku then can transform to SS2 Goku) but have them return to normal at the end of the battle.

    what im having trouble with

    1. im using SMERNDMDDE summon plugins to and the states work and the summon information appears but not the image then the screen flashes black, enemies disappear and the summoned image doesnt appear and at the end of battle it just crashes. does anybody know if the image has to be a certain size or filetype and what could be causing the crash?

    2. i can get the transformation script to work with SV Battlers but i was wondering is there a version that would be compatiple with the character sprites as normal script doesnt work because im not using SV battlers but to test it i used HIME'S Toggle plugin and like the Summon plugin the stat works but no image change (but i know it works when using SV battlers)


    ive tried getting in touch with the plugin creators but they either cant be contacted or are just ignoring my messages which is gutting but no worries they are busy people i guess. the reason im using not using SV Battlers is becuase ive spent months already working on the character sprites and to do all SV Battler sprite by myself its a mission, its so draining, im guessing youve all been there its enjoyable but it takes a lot out of you lol.

    so please if anyone has any suggestions or code changes i can implement or plugins i can use you would be my savior

    thanks for reading this any help is good :)
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    'Plugin Releases' is where people who have written a completed plugin that they want to share with others can post them.

    I've moved this thread to Javascript/Plugin Support. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.

    SmeRndmDde has left the scene completely, so you will not be able to get help directly from him.

    Please edit your post to include links to the web pages where you got relevant plugins from, that way if people need to check something before offering advice, they won't have to go hunting.
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    Yeah, SmeRndmDde abandonded RPGMaker. He seems busy with coding his own engines in C now. Im new myself, but ill try and take a look into that plugin.

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