Help with Changes to modern algebra's Questlog

Discussion in 'RGSS3 Script Requests' started by wrigty12, Jan 18, 2014.

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    I am looking for someone that is well versed in scripting, as well as familiar with modern algebra's Questlog.

    I am looking for tweeks to the design of the original script, in order to fit my game better, but I have no experience specifically in Ruby scripting.

    What I want:

    1) I would be able to ACCEPT the quest in the Questlog window, not just have the quest be activated by some outside script call. 

    2) I would like to have a method that checks if there is currently an ACTIVE Quest (My goal is to only allow 1 Active Quest at a time). 

    My game ultimately requires the character to be able to choose a quest from a list of current available quests, and choose one to do. Once chosen, they complete that quest (or in some cases, they can quit the quest at a fee) in order to choose another. 

    If someone can add these into the script for me, or have ideas how to do it with the current made script, it would be greatly appreciated!

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