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Apr 26, 2014
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  1. How can I get the z-axis of the choice window (specifically, the blinking background part) behind an image? The image I need on top is pic 100, and the choice window bg (also an image) is at 98. So, I imagine setting the choice window to 99 would fix it, but all I can figure out to do is to edit this script (which I was using anyway) where it says "self.z = " but it either doesn't do anything, or it winds up hidden, presumably behind every image present. I tried adding self.z to Window_ChoiceList below "super(0, 0)" but it crashes. I've also tried multiple image z editing scripts and set the image to ridiculous numbers, and nothing worked. And no, I can't give up on this. The entire look of the choice window depends on this.
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  3. tumblr_nvb3x1TLv11uhxl21o2_500.png
    I need it to look like this. Here is the link to Victor's SFonts, just so you know how text in my game works. I already know I need to call a different SFont for the color, but how do I make it change when hovered over is the question. Speaking of, the text is a little too high in relation to the cursor, can I fix that? (Again, I'm using ATS: Advanced Choices, the choice window bg is an image (image 98), the cursor is literally the only thing being called from a windowskin)
  4. And, completely unrelated to the choice window: How can I do a Move Picture with the Wait checked without it preventing the message window from happening? I want to do an emote thing with the busts that will happen with the message window open. The emotes are currently being called from common events, btw.
I'm very tired and about to go to bed, so I apologize if I'm confusing at all or not giving enough info (or if I've posted in the wrong place... sorry!)

EDIT: I've found a script to disable the cursor blinking, but it's not at full opacity. I'm working on figuring this out but I'd love it if someone could point me in the right direction so I could get this done faster.

EDIT2: I've found that setting the z-axis of the choice window to below 50 will cause it to vanish entirely. Are images and windows displayed differently? Because there is no setting that will put it between images. Ugh, this makes no sense
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Mar 2, 2012
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Please edit your post (Use Full Editor) and give it a meaningful title.  Let people know what to expect when they open it (and also make it easier for them to find if they want to come back and reply later, after doing some investigation for you).

Help with Choice Windows would be a good possibility.

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