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Jan 2, 2015
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I am making a Final Fantasy game of my own (non profit of course) and I wanted to implement an "Archive" of the sorts.

Basically, ingame you could pick up collectables and in your menu you could access them and each would give a description of them and maybe even a picture of the item that you picked up.

On top of that, in the same menu I would like a slider or even an equip slot for in game music. In the game you would collect copies of old Final Fantasy video games; in the menu if you equipped them it would change the battle music, travel music, ect.

Im sure i will have to create a plugin but I was just curious if anyone had a tutorial to recommend me or even a simpler way of doing so. I already have all the necessary files for music and artifact pictures but I do not have the means to implement them. I also am using Yanfly Main Menu Manager plugin so I already have a slot for the "Archive" option.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I have coded my own games in the past but never in Java; so the syntax is kinda hard to work with lol.

Thank you all! I hope I posted in the right location for this kind of help

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