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    EDIT: Well this is embarasing - looks like I solved the issue on my own, and didn't even have to create a thread! But I wanted to edit the post to help other people who come across this issue.
    Instead of using the "Return to Title" command, use a transfer event to send your player to a new, blank map. Place one event on this map and set it to Parallel Process. I use a wait command for 60f, followed by the Return to Title command.
    It takes me back to the title screen, with no errors!

    My best guess is that the Return to Title command does not work during an Autorun event, but then again, I have no idea what I'm talking about. I hope this helps some people!

    Hey there everyone!
    I'm using the plugin above, and it use to work just fine.
    When the player died, I played an animation over their sprite, and simply used the "Return to Title" event command.
    Now, however, the game crashes when trying to go back to the title that I set with this plugin.
    The exact error is:

    Cannot read property 'tilesetNames' of null

    I've tried removing and reinstalling the plugin (perhaps maybe it was updated), but that didn't work.
    Removing the plugin also removes the issue.
    Could it be that this plugin hasn't been updated for the new version of MV, and I just didn't notice this till now?

    Anyway, here is the webkit and a list of plugins I'm using - any help wpuld be appreciated!

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