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Nov 17, 2018
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Hello. I'm currently working on a scene within the menu where the goal is show multiple pictures/sprites. I've managed to figure out the whole scene building and making the sprites part, but actually making them intractable is proving difficult and I have no idea what to do. I was recommended Pixi before but that's something I'm nowhere near familiar with enough to use. :hswt:

Goal is to be able to use the sprites either like a command window where you press up/down/left/right and can cycle between them which I figured I can do by assigning each a number/variable and allowing or disabling movement in each direction based on the variable then changing the variable to match each sprite then finally be able to press them to make stuff happen. But I have absolutely no idea how I'd go about doing this. I've been looking at other plugins for reference like Moghunter's menu/scenes and few others but I just get lost. (Could also allow it to be compatible with mouse or strictly mouse, depending on which is easier to achieve)

And before it's recommended, I'd rather not use a picture/common event menu. I've tried that already and it's far too convoluted for how many things I need to check. I've also checked out Soulpar's Sprite Buttons tutorial but didn't have much success following it, as I think its uses are rather limited to the title screen.. I'm honestly new to js scripting and the project I'm working on is probably way too big for my ability but I'm determined to get it done! Any help figuring this out would be greatly appreciated.

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