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Aug 4, 2017
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This is a fan-made game centered around the Hetalia universe. *(See notes below.)

In the Stellar Trio’s first published game, HetaliAcademy, the personas of the countries of the world are forced to attend school.

However, a few months into classes, countries begin falling ill. Eventually, only the G8 (America, Canada, Russia, England, France, Germany, Japan, and Italy) plus China are left in good health. And yet, the school staff refuses to act as if anything is out of the ordinary…

In this action-adventure/mystery/comedy RPG, the player, as America, tries to solve the mystery behind the illness spreading through the school with the help of the remaining countries. Things escalate to a game of students vs. staff as the countries realize that the very people that have been caring for them all this time may have had nefarious ulterior motives. The countries will have to fight their way through the staff to get to the one behind it all.

While on the surface the game might seem simple and straightforward, there is a more nefarious plot behind the scenes. There are secrets hidden throughout the game. Finding them can affect the future dialogue and even plot. Can you find all seven clues to the true story behind HetaliAcademy?

While there is no dedicated leveling system, as the story progresses the countries upgrade their equipment to unlock new abilities to combat the threat.

Each country is custom designed to have unique combat abilities that allow for experimenting with composition and combat tactics! Use your favorites, simulate historic alliances, or design a comp to see combat go the way you want it to.

This was the product of a game in a month challenge. It is still under development if interest is shown. Our game can be found here:

This game was made with RPG maker VX Ace. In order to play it, one will have to download a player from the official site:

The download is both secure and free of charge.


*For those unfamiliar with the series, in the world of Hetalia countries are people.

Counties are a comedic generalization the people that make them up: America is obnoxiously loud and arrogant, but also exceptionally strong and inventive. France is flirtatious and has a strong distaste for violence. Canada is America's polite twin brother, who is always being mistaken for his more outgoing sibling. Etc.

Countries also possess limited immortality. As long as the land, government, and people that they belong to remain intact, they will regenerate from any injury. Even fatal ones. However, this is a double edged blade: if the economy, for example, falls into a recession, the country will physically fall ill.

Hetalia is a fun loving series that takes serious concepts such as war, economic depression, and national stereotypes, and portrays them in a light hearted way.
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Jul 9, 2014
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Is that me or the title of your game in this tread is Hetacademy but the title of your screengrab calls it HetaliAcademy?

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