Heyo! I'm apparently new here!


Oct 20, 2021
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I could have sworn i had an account on here already, but it said none of my emails were registered so? Apparently not,,

Anyway! Hello!

My name is CJ or "Borb" (for people who have known me since. The Darker days of my online Presence,,,,), my pronouns are He/They/She, and I am an aspiring game dev! I currently use RPGM:MV, and have upwards of 5 projects planned (They're just ideas, mostly), with one currently in the concept stage of development- so maybe I'll be fairly active? That is to be determined, as I have a lot going on rn, and I'm not in the most stable of situations :') But! I'll definitely try!

Some fun info about my interests? I guess?

  • I'm a huge horror nut. Psychological, gore- if it's spooky in any way, I'm probably interested. It's been my go-to genre for as long as I can remember- so It's a huge part of pretty much all of my current projects. However, I'm also a huge fan of anything that's super character/story-driven. I'm talking that "Playable Novel" type beat- and that's another thing you'll probably see with me, especially my in-progress title.
  • I attended Watkins College of Art and Design (RIP) and majored in Illustration for a semester before our school was bonked by B*lmont University, and attended Columbus College of Art and Design, majoring in game art and design, for like. a month before I lost all access to the internet for 3 months and missed too much of my online class to be able to make up,,,, so school just has something against me I suppose. But! I hope maybe someday I can go back and stick to it, Gods willing,,,
  • I love Character Design and Storybuilding. That's, like, my WHOLE deal. I'm an OC hoarder; my Toyhou.se character count is over 200, and that leaves out many characters I have made since I stopped being active there,,, I'm hoping to put some of those characters to use in my games. Maybe.
  • I have had a crazy hyper-fixation on Religion, folklore, and urban legends (Especially Japanese Folklore) practically all my life, and it definitely shows up in pretty much EVERYTHING I make. My current project is entirely based on it, actually- like, that's the whole motif of the game. It's so cool to me. Be prepared to never hear the end of it.
  • I really like goldfish. Just. In general. They're another really special thing to me that I like to add to pretty much everything (My username on everything now is literally "Shubunkin", which is a goldfish breed.)
  • RPG Maker Games were what inspired me to really start doing this, actually. Especially the games "OFF", "Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea", and "Ib"; those were kinda my "wow, this is what's possible for me?" eye-openers, and I think the inspiration there also shows. I was also super heavily inspired by "UNDERTALE", and more recently, "OMORI" and the "Yume Nikki: Dream Diary" Remake (Which I actually really enjoy, despite it being something of an unpopular opinion apparently?)
  • I do pretty much EVERYTHING by myself. Development, Character Design, Game assets- I even kinda dabble in doing the music for my project (though, this, I might have to turn elsewhere for because I am NOT good at it.)

Anyway! That's really about everything. I mean, if anyone wants to know more about me, you can always ask. I really don't know how much you guys will actually see of me around here or other forum sites, but I really want to be more active- especially now that I'm spending more time actually focusing on my projects, and might actually be ready to start releasing public info on them soon. Anyway! I hope everyone who is reading this has a wonderful day and has something nice to eat and drink!!!!!!! take care of yourselves!! or else


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Jun 18, 2018
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Welcome to the forums and good luck on your projects!

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