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    So... I've been making games for a bit. Only recently got into RPG Maker. Picked it up because it was the fastest and most convenient way of getting a Christmas present done.

    I'm liking the simplicity and the ease of getting a basic game off the ground, and I'd like to do more. More than that, I can even kinda sorta see how I'd go about it. However, I feel like I've hit a limiter somewhere in me headspace, both in terms of ideas for design and mechanics as well as technical capabilities. I could theoretically do all of this on my own from scratch, but why reinvent the wheel?

    And thus, here I am. Looking forward to some interesting discussions with all of you!

    pls b gentle
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    i think the best way to get ideas to to have experience. so playing lots of games to see game mechanics and stories to inspire you.

    since games for these engines started being created in 2009 (i believe) pretty much everything has respectfully been done.

    make a story based game based on your life or a friends.

    the painful experiences and how one could feel from them.

    or a save the world adventure (not gonna lie with thousands of them. i'm not a  fan) i think the most important aspect of developing games (this coming from a  player)

    is to enjoy what you are doing.

    as it can be a time consuming and tedious experience. being motivated is one of the hardest things for many.

    i also highly suggest learning from tutorials then blind its so much easier.

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