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Apr 14, 2019
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I'd like to implement a little hide, seek and catch between two children into my game.
And I'd like to ask you if this can be done via eventing.
Basically this is the map.
I want the player to catch the event which I outlined in red.
The event should run away from the player once the player enters the area outlined in light turquoise.

I know this can be done via Yanfly's Event Chase Player Plugin, but I already tested it in a more open map and had the following problems:
1. Once the event was caught and I talked to it with the action button it still kept running away while text boxes for the event were displayed.
2. The events movement didn't look very natural. Normally if you play catching you try to outsmart the catcher by occasionally changing directions. This seems not the plugins fault, but how Game_Character.prototype.turnAwayFromPlayer is programmed.

I guess I also can do this by adding events on the light turquoise tiles with the player touch condition, that just change the event
to another page, which has a custom move route of move away from player.

But in both cases with plugin and without plugin if it runs up into the blue outlined area it will get stuck and is easily caught.
I really want to avoid this. The event should also never enter the pink outlined area or go to the end points of the map.

As this is not a very open map I guess the best thing would be if the event is just running around the black marked area and
changes direction in case it sees the player, but is still able to be caught somehow.

Is this possible with eventing?
Could you please help me?
P.S. I hope this is the correct forum for this question.
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