Hiding actor details and removing them as targets in Battle Scene


Nov 16, 2016
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Hi everyone,

I'm investigating a few different ways in which I can bring to life the Summon system I have planned for my game. I'm not going to go into the minutia of the whole thing here, but one facet of it involves using an actor slot and "adding" that party member to the current party in battle so it can be utilized.

However, as a Summon - this is not an actor I want the player to be able to control, much less even see any trace of in the visuals and in the UI.

Is there a way to hide all an actor's information from the UI using a simple script, a pre-existing plugin, OR will a custom plugin have to be built for this?

The second part of the equation is that this actor cannot be a valid target for any enemy attacks, or ally skills, whatsoever - they need to be completely off the grid and inaccessible in that respect.

Would anyone have any suggestions for either of these points?



Jun 6, 2020
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So, there are multiple things here...

How to do summons at all - Not sure if you're looking for this, but my recommendation is SRD_SummonCore.

Not controllable - With SRD_SummonCore, it takes an actor from your database and adds it to your party as a summon, so all you have to do is make sure that that actor has the auto-battle flag.

Not shown in battle status - I believe the code I posted in the other thread does this, assuming that you use SRD_SummonCore (it calls a function defined in that plugin).

Not targetable by allies - The code from the other thread likely covers this as well, but you'll have to try it and see.

Not targetable by enemies - Just set the actor to have a target rate of 0%.

Note: There is also an addon to SummonCore which fixes some bugs in the base plugin; you can get it in this thread. It says it is for version 1.05 but it appears to work also for 1.06 as far as I can tell. I also spotted one bug that it doesn't fix related to the "restrict per position" option in SummonCore, you can let me know if you need that fix.

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