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Nov 1, 2019
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I looked at the plugin and there isn't an easy to scroll between parties.
One way is this
var parties = $gameParties.parties();
var index = parties.indexOf($gameParty);
var newIndex = index + 1;
if (newIndex >= parties.length) {
   newIndex = 0;
var newPartyId = parties[newIndex].id;
What this code does is first you grab all the parties in the game, which gives something like this

[Party1, Party2, Party3]
Then you figure out the position of the current party which is $gameParty.
Assuming we're currently Party 3, it will give you 2, because the index starts with 0 instead of 1

So now you have the index of the current party. You want to find the next party, which we'll assume is just index + 1

But because we're already the last party, we need to make sure we wrap around to the first in the list, which is what the condition check is for.

Finally, now you have the index of the party, you grab the party from the list, get the ID, and then call Party.switch as usual.

It's similar logic if you want to scroll backwards

var parties = $gameParties.parties();
var index = parties.indexOf($gameParty);
var newIndex = index - 1;
if (newIndex < 0) {
   newIndex = parties.length - 1;
var newPartyId = parties[newIndex].id;
Now if you bind one to page up and the other to page down, now you should be able to scroll through all of your parties.
Yeah it works, the only problem is that it works too well. lol. It switches between parties too fast which doesn't allow the player to easily control which party they want to switch to. They'll get the party they want by luck. Secondly there is a party I don't want them to switch to. Maybe what would solve the problem is a 30 or 60 frame wait time between switch. Let me see if that works.

Report: Yeah it works great with a 60 frame wait time between switches.
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