Hobo-A Urban Survival Simulation(Game Ideal/Feed Back on Ideal Requested)

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Feb 10, 2013
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Game Title:


Hobo-A Urban Survival Simulation


Genre:Survival Simulation/Realistic 




Players:Single Player


Project: Indie


Platform:RPG Maker VX Ace


Release Date: TBD


Game Company: CDG ( Cazziuz Designs Games) 




How well could you survive the urban wilderness that only the homeless among us know about,How long can you survive, 


and can you over come the obstical  that are in every Homeless persons way to get back on there feet ?



Short Storyline :


You play a person ( we will say he but maybe not), who by a twist of fate,Lost everything on a bad investment/bad job choice.By 


everything I do mean everything, his house, car,wife, job, money...everything.You play as him as he discovers that 


there are people still worse off than himself and he figures out how to survive in the homeless world that he has suddenly 


found himself in.Choose to be a villain of the hobo community , beating up other hobos and stealing from them , or choose 


to go the good path and share and help others, the choice is up to you while you are trying to get back on your feet.


Planned Features:


Multiple Job Options- Be a fast food worker, city employee,salesman,day laborer, ect ,ect 


Reputation System-Build your reputation with other hobos, with the city employees,with pretty much anyone , you nver 

know when knowing the right person might give you the leg up.


Needs/Body Care System- keeps track of many things , such as hunger,tiredness,thirst, body oder,facial hair(the need 

to shave)How clean your cloths are,when you need to shower ,ect,ect. There will be penalty/bonuses for what each value 

is at in game.


Tactical Object Based Combat-a tactical combat system that focuses on items for actual combat, there will be basic 

melee attacks as well.


Object Crafting/Science/Cooking- each one shall be a different area dealing with with different things, you can learn 

them in game by studying at your local library, or by having a high enough rep with someone for them to teach you.


Multiple Start Characters: We all start with nothing , but depending on what you select as your starting job,you may 

already have a marketable skill of some sort.


Weather System-A random weather and season system, this will affect how you play in that if its winter you will need more clothes, or if its summer you will need less, ect,ect 


Drugs- Loads of different drugs along with a very  real possibility of becoming addicted and suffering the negative 

effects of that as well.


this will be done by scripting and eventing.



Basically what i want to know is if this seems like a feasible game that might interest some people to play ? 




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Mar 20, 2015
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Hello, i'm from argentina, sorry for my english :p -well what can i say with my limited vocabulary...is a interesting idea, really, with a loooooot of work to do, if you are alone (i mean, the people of this forum bring help) but if you're the only one in this project, ufff! luck with that boy, but anyway the concept is original & if i can download it, sure i try it, i'm graphic designer specialized on huds & frameworks, if you need help just tell me.

Pd. i think the forum have all the scripts or engines you might need for this project so go on!


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Mar 1, 2012
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Wrong forum, please post your early game project in the Early Project Feedback forum, BUT READ THE RULES OF THAT FORUM FIRST!
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