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    Right under your nose.
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    A Game by Wallacethepig​

    It's where everyone belongs.
    But sometimes, we don't get to go home.
    Often, a home can change.
    It's not bound by a place or time.
    A home is a special place.
    Everyone has a home.
    What is your home?
    Are you home right now?

    Is anyone ever, truly....


    Home is a short puzzle game. It could easily be beaten in less than 10 minutes. Play as three separate heroes with the same goal in mind - to return home. Home features two separate endings. Try and find the secret one!








    Original Concept:





    Beta Testers:

    And a special thanks to you, for playing this game!

    When playing as the older man, you can jump over cliffs by pressing Enter. It's pretty obvious, but the more you know...

    That 3x3 puzzle isn't as hard as you think...

    The final secret is a little hidden. Check for anything out of the ordinary to find it!

    There aren't any known bugs yet, but if you find one, send me a message and I'll do my best to fix it!
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    The game is interesting.

    It has some things not well made, but it is a really great effort.

    And if it is a first-game-ever, then it is a fantastic debut.




    Graphics: 70/100

    You can not put bad rating on DS DLC pack... the graphics are pretty.

    Your mapping skills can be enhanced though.

    I suggest you take a look at some tutorials on that.

    Otherwise, graphics are marvellous.



    Sound FX: 70/100

    Correct usage of sound FX.



    Music: 60/100

    Music is not the best music I ever listened to, but it isn't bad too.

    The bad thing about it, is that Title screen music is and fits really nice.

    Then you start the game and that playful tune does not fit straight from the title screen.

    Also, I see nothing playful here. It is like inconsistent.

    But still builds an interesting atmosphere I can say. 


    Gameplay: 40/100


    Well it starts well, I got no menu, fair enough,

    and I move boulders pu touching them, okay.

    But I saw no basic controls tutorial, 

    neither a tutorial on how these moving rock mechanics work really.

    The difficulty skyrockets all of a sudden on the third puzzle.

    I get an item, but I still have no menu to see or remember what it is.

    The man takes me and now I control the man on the spike cave.

    I think I am stuck in a map, there is nothing I can do.

    It's the map with the two levers and the spikes on the left. :(

    That's where I stopped really.

    The game needs some work. I can't guess what I am supposed to do.

    And it is really early in the game.


    Scenario: 50/100

    I will be neutral at 50.

    Can't say much on that.

    didn't played through the whole game after all...





    Directed: 50/100


    Where am I cliche as a start is not the best begining.

    You should at least add a story, 

    not just scrolling statements. ;)


    I am a kid that can roll huge boulders.

    It looked like Cinecitta retro films really.

    Lifting a rock made out of foam. :p


    The kid asks the adult to promise he won't hurt him...

    The kid is a kid after all. 

    Trusting the adult to get out of there was the only option.

    You did well on that.

    But then you have to go to the city.

    But the city has spikes.

    But you can disable the spikes if you go into a cave a few hundred miles far.

    Of course the kid will be safe there... I mean... seriously? ":p


    It isn't bad really, but it needs a little polishing to shine, don't you think?



    Atmosphere: 60/100

    The game has its own atmoshpere but that playful music makes me feel it is a little out of place really. I mean I see nothing playful on rolling boulders being a kid and also talikg with a stranger to get out of that lonely but safe place.

    Oh! When was the last time you woke up in a place you don't recognize and feel safe? That was a little strange if you think about it.




    Polished: 40/100

    You need to fix some things.

    Try to introduce the player gradually into game mechanics.

    You got good ideas, you are just have to pay a little more attention in details. :)




    Bottomline: 55/100


    The game is in a good path.

    I would love to see more really.

    For now I leave this as feedback and I hope this will help you make it better and better.


    If this is your very first game, congratulations on making it and on finishing it!

    Enhancing it will get the rationg and the attention it deserves! 

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    Thank you for your input! I'd like to help you out a bit, so you can check the spoiler down below:

    For the puzzle with the brown-haired man, you'll have to do some backtracking to solve it. The levers work on a layer-by-layer basis - a lever on the gravelly floor will interact with spikes on the gravelly floor, for instance. Don't forget that you can press Enter to hop cliffs. If you still can't figure it out, PM me a screenshot and I'll try to fix/explain it.

    I didn't really think a tutorial was necessary for boulder-pushing and/or level-pulling. :p They're pretty common in games. For the third puzzle, I gave an explanation as to how it works.

    The reason that the kid is able to push boulders is because of color-coding. His hair is gray, the boulders are gray, and that's about it. I suppose I could change the colors of the levers from silver to brown to match with the brown hair of the man, but he's in a brown cave anyway, so I didn't think it was necessary. The red-haired girl interacts with red orbs.

    The game is very short, so I didn't see a reason to save. Therefore, I eliminated the menu entirely as the only items you get aren't supposed to be looked at until the final part of the game. From what you told me, you made it halfway through the game already.

    Also, just as an aside, I made this mostly to test the basics of Ace. For example, the orb puzzle was done using variables in a way I had never tried before, and the spike puzzle was done with regions and events (and a little bit of script help). And yeah, this is my first game where everything save graphics and music was done by me. You kind of have to put the pieces of the story together, too. I assumed most people would play through it twice to see both endings, seeing as you can't save.

    Oh, and I was planning on making it a longer game, but decided against it so I could actually finish it. For example, there would be puzzles where you need all three characters to solve it. Obviously, this isn't what's in the game, but some elements of that still linger.

    Thanks for your input, Dreadshadow! It means a lot to me. (And if you think the boulder puzzles were hard, just you wait. It ain't gonna get easier...or is it?) I don't know if I'll go back and change anything (with the exception of bugs, of course). I might try my hand at parallax mapping, though.
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    I am not talking about me.

    I talk about a user who never played a VX Ace game before.

    A game should have controls tutorial for dummies. ;)
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    I just played it and... I like it!

    It reminds me of that movie, "The Others" (don't know whether it is intentional).

    I cannot say there is anything exceptional or outstanding in this game, but my feeling during the whole gameplay was "it looks just right".

    I made a naive play, I did not encounter particular problems. I was fine with controls, I do not think a tutorial is really needed (well... arrows to move and enter to do things... easy enough :) )

    I made a mess with the last puzzle, it took me more to solve that one than the rest of the game.

    Maybe a "reset" function to bring the spheres to their original color could help?
    I don't know if I found the secret ending. I found one ending which seemed pretty regular. Just wanted to say that, if this is the "secret" ending, it is not secret enough, in my opinion:

    The 3 arrive at home, read the 3 pieces of newspaper and find out they're dead. There are some hints suggesting they are relatives.
    Anyway, very well done and good luck for your future projects!
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