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    Honey Moon Cutscene Demo


    Honey Moon is a fantasy RPG game that is focused on telling a story in which the player has to help the moon goddess recover and collect several memory shards to regain the memories of why she was exiled from heaven;while avoiding the champions of the gods who seek her destruction. The game has only a few fights currently but for the sake of the demos they are made really easy to focus on the cutscenes instead. Some of the cutscenes change based on if the player wins or looses a fight, along with choices they make in the game.

    The game has an emphasis on learning about the moon goddesses past and what she learned/did to be exiled. Based on how many memory shards you collect and your choices you can get one of three endings.

    The game should be rated about PG-13 due to some cursing (nothing really big like the F word but the bandits swear)

    • A story that has digital art of scenes and close ups of some items and events. (currently they are simple MS Paint pictures for now, but I have a few images in the WIP tab of what you can expect to see in the end)
    • QTE to open some chests and doors (this is being implemented still but has one example in the demo in the Bandit Town)
    • A QTE minigame where you can dig to earn money to buy items to improve stats, get healing items, etc based on your scores.
    • Side quests that let the player learn more about the world outside of books.


    (from the demos)
    • [​IMG] Eric
      Player Character
      A young adult who wants to become the moon goddess's champion. He is helping her find her lost memories and figure out why she was exiled from heaven.
    • [​IMG] Hana
      Moon Goddess
      A mysterious lady who fell from the moon for an unknown crime. She has no memory of who she once was and is working with Eric to find out why she was exiled.

    • [​IMG] Pyre
      Fire Champion
      A small child who likes to play pranks and attack Eric and Hana. Unlike the other champions he doesn’t try to seriously hurt Eric or Hana outside of their first encounter.

    You play as Eric a young adult who loves watching the night sky and working to become the moon goddesses champion during a festival to celebrate the new moon. A day before the celebration the moon cracks in half and the moon goddess falls out of the sky and lands in a lake.

    Eric goes to the lake and gets her to safety within the village. The elders are perplexed as her name and image has been struck out of every book that depicts the gods or the moon goddess, and most of the villagers have forgotten about her. She has been struck from the minds of mortals and exiled from heaven but has no idea as to what crime or deed she did that would cause such action. When she fell to the mortal world her memories where shattered and turned into crystals that have to be recovered to regain her godhood, powers, and memories.

    Eric then takes the moon goddess, Hana, to find her lost memories and learn why the other gods are sending their champions to stop him and kill Hana. Along the way he learns that the gods are acting strangely and that the mortals of the world do not remember Hana, and are scared due to the moon fracturing.

    With each memory crystal recovered Hana remembers more about her past leading up to her exile and Eric must deside once he learns the truth if he should help Hana return to the plane of the gods or finish what the gods tried to stop.

    [*]The game will have a few fight scenes, and cutscenes that based on if the player wins or loose, will effect how the game continues. The more memory shards you collect you can get more then one ending and can choose one of three endings, the good, bad, and true ending based on what you know from her memories.

    There is a QTE minigame that the player can use to get items and money.

    Important Notes/details
    • [God]Champions-

      The champions are the chosen people to have the blessing and powers of the gods.There are often revered as above the law as they take orders directly from the god that chose them. The game will have you fight against or interact with the champions of fire, water, and earth.
      A champion if often chosen at festivals to gods or by a deed that they deem worthy to grant their powers to.
    • Heaven/Realm of the Gods, mortal world

      The realm of the gods is called heaven, ruled by the king of the gods and the mortal world is run by humans and guided by the champions of the gods. The gods power and statuses are gained from the power of believe of their followers. They can enter the mortal world but rarely do so as they are made mortal as a human.
      Magic is uncommon but exists, and is often tied to elements that the mortals can manipulate. Elves are nearly always born with innate magic powers but due to many long ago fights with humans they reside in hidden areas and rarely leave their towns.
    WIP Art for cutscenes and close ups
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    *~Honey Moon Credits~*


    DS maids from Member+
    [Copyright](C) 2014 DEGICA Co., LTD;
    Artist: Lunarea



    $Hero_byArcheia and $Hero2_byArcheia, Archeia, July 2014

    Pixel Art World

    Game Creator Hub

    ItsaHoly -window

    The Mighty Palm- Battlers and battler edits

    Daimonious Tails
    Sleek item Popup

    [Copyright](C) 2014 DEGICA Co., LTD;
    Artist: Archeia

    [Copyright](C) 2014 DEGICA Co., LTD;
    Artist: VexedEnigma

    EvilEagles - RM Birthday Giveaway - DS Addons


    Pixel Myth Germina Lanea Zimmerman

    Green Zero//will replace with Avery in the future

    Sleek item popup -http://daimonioustails.weebly.com/

    Yanfly-Menu editor

    Truemisfit- Word wrap

    MOG - Chain Commands - Mog Hunter/ Atelierrgss.wordpress.com
    J.C. Brickston



    Agaxly- "Shoveling Dirt" https://freesound.org/people/Agaxly/

    Beta Testers:

    Special Thanks:

    ExcVII - For translating some scripts for me in minutes in what would have taken me hours to understand.

    PLEASE let me know if your name is not in the credits or I credited you wrong and I shall fix it as soon as I can.


    This demo compilation was made for the "Release Something" event. Please let me know if I need to add anything else as I have never really released anything before.
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    Well... I like the concept, sounds good so far :)

    The cutscenes are pretty neat, the dialogues are fine (some grammar issues to be checked). I kinda like your temporary artworks :kaoswt: (And the fact that the Pyre champion is a paint bucket). The moon shattering is cool, in my opinion it would be a nice effect if the night time tone changed after that, but its up to you.

    After the "Fishing Hana" scene, you take her to Braum's, and then... well, not sure what should happen, if I leave and re-enter the house you get stuck, and if you go home nothing happens, also, since Hana is already in your party it seems some events trigger when they should not.

    The Pyre champion introduction is quite simple, but works, if he is the first champion you face, then it sure does the job. The mysterious guy in the after scene kept me wondering "what's coming next?"

    Okay, as for the bandits beat up, again, not sure what should happen, I think I beat them all and nothing... I like Dovine's character. I just hope that in the final product you don't instakill him with thunder... :kaothx: (I know she is a goddess but... Hana is op)

    And the minigame is pretty fun :kaopride: But I think you should take the player somewhere else instead of staying there. Although its fine.

    So far this demo did well (Sorry if I missed something...) I hope next one already has the artwork done, I'll be waiting for it.
    And... why is the moon goddess a bunny? Just asking...

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