RMMV [Hoping for Feedback!] "Fallen Feather" - a tale of racism, war, magic, ignorance & perspective


Aug 11, 2018
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Im placing this in the ideas section as i'm still writing the story, when i complete a certain amount im going to move to the project recruitment page


What Type of RPG is This?

I’m an amatuer writer at best, but what i’ve always been commended on is my attention to detail in everything i write. Playing on my strengths, Fallen Feather will be a story where the details weigh much heavier than the overall plot.

Expect your Usuals: Gods, War, a medieval setting, etc. but the main focus on this game will be racism, ignorance, interracial relationships, civil right movements, hate crimes, police brutality, low income vs upperclass lifestyles, etc.. I originally wrote this game to have some light parallels to real world issues but taking a page out of the “x-men” , “agents of s.h.i.e.l.d” and “bright” with will smith, i decided to depict a world that reflects alot of america’s uglier history, meshing the civil rights movement of the 70’s with movements of today like black lives matter, #metoo movement and having a similar burst of recorded crimes due to technological advancements like cellphones have done for us.

The main cast will deal with these issues on a broad scale, but if you want to see the depth of the problems you’ll have to speak to NPC’s and read text laying about the world.

Why am I making this?

I need it to get out of my head lol. This Game is a brainchild i had in highschool that i attempted to make on RPG Maker 2k3, back then it was a captain planet-ish story of a bunch of teenagers. I shelved it and didn’t work on anything again until 2011 when i picked up RPG Maker XP and decided to overhaul the entire story and infact write a prequel, i got pretty far (you can even read that games original presentation in 2012 here: https://forum.chaos-project.com/index.php/topic,1896.msg39112.html#msg39112 & here: https://forum.chaos-project.com/index.php/topic,11999.0/prev_next,next.html#new) but i also put that down. It was about 4 months ago i got the writing bug again, idk if its because i’ve been prepping for the birth of my first child and scrapping so many distractions in my life has given me freedom to open up my creative side, or if its simply a distraction of its own, either way i bought RPG Maker MV and spent EVERY DAY of the last few months learning MV and scripts + expanding, reworking & upgrading my 2011 story & the prequel.

My new goal is this: I want Fallen Feather to be a book series similar to harry potter or Game of thrones. My RMMV game is simply an abridged game adaption that will be a complete game on its own but purposely leave out chapters of the full book adaption the same way a harry potter movie would do to a book for the sake of saving development time and not having a 45 hour game/8 hour movie.

Theres alot of great RM games and RM game makers out there, i dont desire to beat them or even contend with the best of the best, I simply desire it to be an enjoyable story with an enjoyable amount of playtime and possibly something i could use in connection with a ******* for a full length Book series or maybe even an RPG Tokyo (i Am setsuna) tier upgrade with an awesome dev team that can help me (shooting for the stars!). Im not saying i don’t want the best for this project, i just know how carried away i can get so i simply want to make a great game with modest means, im not trying to make Final Fantasy 10, im trying to make Wild Arms 3.


The world Setting - X-men, Agents Of Shield, Bright, Inuyasha, Game of Thrones, Greek Mythology & Olympian Gods

The Characters (in look) - Breath Of Fire 4

History/Lore/World Setting:

Threa is a world that was first formed by a twin headed God named Azulra, the planet was born and burned in 7 days.

An Arrogant God

Azulra - God of balance, they’re left head being of a pillar of Light and right head a smog of Darkness. Both heads were in constant disagreement with one another and only agreed on their love for their mother Threa, and misbelief that all life should bow to them because they are the son of The Almighty: creator of all. Azulra was casted out of their home into a lower plane known as “the universe” by The Almighty for their arrogance & given a challenge to create a world of their own, then create life within it and find meaning in ruling over these creations. Only when Azulra showed an understanding of what it means to rule a society will they be allowed back home to the “Higher Plane”.

Azulra, too ignorant to understand the lesson, believed showing themselves ruling a society unopposed with beautiful creatures praising their name, like they perceive their Father does in Higher Plane, was the answer & thus created a small sphere like Plane of their own known as a Plane-Terrain, or “PlaneT”, named it “Threa” after their mother & filled it with water, land, animals, fish & insects plus a sun & moon to light it. However when deciding to create the first mortals the heads once again began to bicker.

While the left head created a mortal with a brilliant glow the right head despised it and created a mortal with fiendish features that disgusted the left head. Unable to agree on which form of man was most deserving of Threa and their rule the two fought until they ripped themselves apart into 2 halves: The left head became the Phoenix of light, Azra and The right head the Dark enigma, Zala.

The Biblical War

Free of each other, Azra created more life forms naming them “Seraphim” while Zala did the same, naming his “Sins”. Sins and Seraphim instinctively began to fight each other for supremacy in the name of their creator, both groups exceedingly powerful but due to that power the gods could only produce a few of them at a time.

To remedy this and in hopes of gaining the upper hand by numbers the gods started mass producing a weaker variation of their first creation. Azra gave life to thousands of what he called “Angels” to fight under the Seraphims command, meanwhile Zala unleashed a countless horde of what he called “Ghouls” to aid the Sins in battle. The war went on for 6 days without end, unaccepting of each others creations Azra & Zala decided to step in and fight directly on the 7th day. Displeased by this turn of events the Almighty passed down judgement from higher plane and forced Azra & Zala to be restrained inside of a cage-like pocket realm where they were unable to have any direct contact with Threa and could only watch how there creations chose to live their lives The Almighty intent was that when the restraints were removed (an undetermined amount of time) and the gods return they'll have seen the achievements their creations have made and learn from past mistakes, until then Azra was locked inside his pocket realm which resided within the Sun and Zala’s within the moon.

As the 7th day drew to a close & the last sparks of war rang out, the seraphim & sins wiped eachother out.


With no gods or generals to look towards for guidance the Angels decided to carry out their original instructions and sought to create homes and make lives for themselves. A large chunk of angels used their remaining powers to create a sky island to live on as they waited for the return of Azra. Many other Angels chose to remain on the ground as the world was still quite beautiful and they wanted to turn it into the utopia it was meant to be. Over time the Angels who remained on the ground lost connection to their powers and giving birth to wingless mortals, they began to call themselves “Humans”.

The ghouls, although capable of speech, mostly dont have much more intellect than an animal and are more feral in nature. They embraced their wild-life role and spread out across the world in forests, mountains, wastelands, etc. attacking prey, breeding and multiplying. At some point a new form of ghoul with intellect, a conscious and a strong resemblance to humans began to emerge, this race reached out only to be shunned by humans for their enhanced strength, abstract skin colors and overall similarities to the ghouls they initially evolved from, the race received the name “Omens” and were later enslaved by humans for many years despite their difference in strength before fighting back and earning freedom for themselves. However tension between humans and omens has been a constant.

Omens originate a flourashing business of Ghoul hunting as ghoul outbreaks have become more and more frequent, humans tolerate ghoul hunters as they are help for hire to stop monsters they usually can't handle themselves.


Generations passed, laws were formed to create safe work areas between the two, common food spaces & even interracial marriage for those who saw through the ignorance, unfortunately racism is still overwhelmingly abundant between the humans and omens & as the time for Azra & Zala’s return draws closer, war is bound to break out once again.

Fallen Feathers & Will-O-Wips
On the 7th day, when the gods collided, countless feathers flew from Azra's body and shapeless figures from zala's, seemingly harmless these items had a warmth to them, thanks to science and engineering society found a way to harness the power within these feathers and wisps to grant people with magical elemental abilities.


16 years ago, a giant black sphere of energy appeared in the sky, it was officially given the name “Nocte Solis” (In The Night, Of The Sun) due to the time of its appearance and gargantuan size. Not long after it appeared did researchers find out that Nocte Solis was emitting a strange miasma that made it impossible for humans to procreate, halting all human birth since its initial arrival. This phenomenon was named “Steri-stassis” and put all of humanity in fear of extinction, but even worse to them was that it knocked humans down the food chain. Omens were unaffected by Steri-stassis thus increasingly out numbering the humans by the week. Up until now it was common for fights, murders and other haynous crimes to break out among civilians but in recent years, to preserve life, humans have tried to shelter themselves in their homes as much as possible.

To encourage the public, A human-based military police force known as “The Divide” was formed with the mantra that they would be the wall of separation that protect humans from ghouls and terrorists attacks, but in truth most of the “Dividers” are corrupted and use their banner to impose their authority, enact hate crimes on innocent omens in the name of “justice” and collect a steady income, only a few divider actually care to help others.

Our story begins in the bustling city of Portla, where a young boy named Zorian is fascinated with fighting and helping others who couldn’t defend themselves. Due to his kind yet rambunctious nature & still too foolish to see the reality of things, Zorian looked up to “The Divide” & thus idolized his older cousin, Kaius, who had always been popular, strong and now old enough to enlist and become a divider himself.

Envious of the activities they might have planned for Kaius, Zorian spied on dividers in their base via his secret entrance only to learn about a shady meeting the dividers would have later that night with a “criminal”, upon sneaking out Zorian saw the truth as dividers tortured an innocent omen man. Shocked and confused Zorian could only watch on until another Omen, Self introduced as Atanu, showed up to rescue the victim, in which he learned more innocents were locked up awaiting the same fate. Zorian stepped in knowing he could get Atanu into their base via the secret entrance. This fateful night ties Zorian and Atanu’s fate together as those who seek to unify a planet that consistently bursts into racial-driven declarations of war on eachother in the name of Azra & Zala.



Zorian Raw-War

Race: Human

Age: 16 → 23

Bio: 16 years old Zorian is apart of what people are calling “The Omega Generation”, the last human children to be born before Nocte Solis emerged. What Zorian doesn’t know is his past is connected to Nocte Solis & a much bigger scheme at play.


Atanu Prideful

Race: Omen

Age: 35

Bio: A broodish Omen who travels the world stopping villanous people-regardless if human or omen, from victimizing the weak via request. With a checkered past and a mysterious man who can peek into the future advising all of his missions Atanu’s main desire is redemption for his own regrets and seeing as much of this world as he can.

Features are set to include:


*5-8 hour Playthrough (shooting for 6hrs)

*Racially Diverse World & Cast

*Mode7 Cutscenes

*World Building NPCs - Each town will have a sign telling you about the town, thats not the NPCs job, just like real life they'll talk to you about topics any stranger would talk to an acquaintance about: Politics, Their Job, Scandals, Technology, Events of the past or coming up, Holidays, etc.

*Will be paying for Custom Artworks, thinking comic-book cutscenes “a la’ phantasy star” for 2 or 3 major events

*Customized Materia System - Explore the world of Threa Collecting Equipable sources of magic known as Fallen Feathers & Will-o-Wisps to imbue your Party with Soul-Connected Spells called "Anima".

*Save, Load & Keep track of where you are or need to go via a Traveler's Journal. Learn more of the history and secrets lurking in Threa as you progress through the game & expanding the journal (similar to KH Ansem notes).


*Once unlocked, Transform Zorian into a mighty Seraph mid-Battle

*Customized Moghunter/Atelier ATB System

*Adrenaline Rushes! - Utilizing the Adrenaline Bar, you can freely unleash either 1 of 2 powerful attacks at your disposal:

- Talents: Devastating Solo Attacks

- Synergy Strikes: Tide turning coordination attacks that involve 2-3 members of the party to attempt.

Screenshots (W.I.P)

Far from complete!! Heres an image of Threa that i’ve mapped so far (basic layout im gonna get everything placed then detail all of it)


& what i’ve done with mog/atelier’s battle system & yanfly’s party limit gauge (adrenaline bar).
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Sounds interesting. Good luck moving forward :cutesmile:

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