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May 6, 2012
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Resource Type: (Characters, Battlers, Tiles, Icons, ect.)Charactersets, chibi

Maker Format: (2k,2k3,XP,VX,Ace,MV)Ace

Art Style: (Ace RTP, Mack, LPC, Cartoony, Realistic, Artist's original, ect.) Ace RTP

Description:  (Please be thorough.  The more accurate the description, the more likely you are to get what you want.)I need a couple of character sets made for Fayforest faces.  I have the picture so bear with me. 

1st row, third picture (the blonde hair girl with the glasses)

7th row, sixth picture (the young man with the short brown hair, with a green shirt)

8th row, first picture

10th row, sixth and seventh character (it's the same character only one has nailed in her eyes, and blood running down her face)

11th row, second character (the black guy, with short hair and is one of two characters that are important in my game)

The clothes are not really important, as long as it looks like it looks like it could be the clothes that they are wearing from the picture. I'd want it to be something that each character would wear if they were real people in the real world.

Blond haired girl - A college aged student, her father is out of the picture and her mother vanished five years ago and is on a budget.  Her clothes are rather plain and looks a bit out of style.

Brown hair guy - His clothes should things that almost seems that he's trying to make himself seem invisible.

reddish brown haired girl - Her clothes should look profession, yet, a bit on the young side.  Imagine a young woman recently finished college.

black haired woman - She should be dressed like a plain clothed detective, professional and serious, while the second character, her clothes should be torn.

black guy - his clothes should be street (jeans and a plain t-shirt) with a jacket.

Also, I added tiny bits of blue next to the characters if you want to see what faces that I mean.  I am using generated characters for now, but I'd love to have characters that looked more like the faces than they do.

Reference Images:  Examples
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Mar 18, 2012
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I've removed the image as Fayforest's terms do not allow reposting.

Please link to the image instead.

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