RMMV [Horror RPG] The Rebirth of Franklin Albrecht | FIRST PREVIEW RELEASED!


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Aug 2, 2019
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A little note: lately we've been working on updating the cover art as well. The one we posted at the beginning of the topic was really old, while the old poster has too many people and needs some time to be re-done.
Meanwhile, this is the concept. :)

Still missing some details and a lot of refinement on items....

A little trivia about this...
Technically, this isn't even the title screen. We have no idea what the title screen will look like for the time being, but being the inconvenience person that I am, I had thought it would be nice to design some new art.
And then...My sister was also there, introducing me to musicals, and all I could do was listen to these usual two verses that were on the Jekyll&Hyde playlist, The Engagement Party

"John, I am close to a breakthrough discovery!
Something spectacular, something sublime!
Finally, a light in the darkness has come to me!
Now it is only a matter of time!"

Only it lasted too short and in the end I listened more to the song "I need to know".
Anyway. Both the verse and the song I mentioned are full of energy somehow.

Now I remember when we talked about music at the beginning of the topic, good memories! :D

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