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    I've spent a good while searching for something that comes close to what I'm looking for, even looking at existing JS to see if I could restructure it to my purpose, with no success.

    I apologize if this isn't as detailed as necessary, but I'll be happy to add details as necessary. Also, while I don't have much JS knowledge, I'm familiar with coding, & don't mind putting in whatever effort I can. That being said, if someone could create something like a template of what I'm trying to do, I'll be happy to finish it up (to the best I can).

    I would like something that mimics Yanfly's Common Event Menu, minus all of the eventing (lol) --
    I'd like the plugin to draw a custom, full-screen (opaque) window w/ a title; offer a selectable list of items (w/ icons, & a "inventory count", linked by variable), each that execute various functions, & can be enabled / disabled via switch; provide a small picture to give the player a visual representation of the item; & offer "help text" when each item is highlighted (which provides details of the highlighted item). Since the plan is to directly call this plugin's function via map events, it'd be nice to have a script-call function. So, what's the purpose of this? To minimize common events, & make a more versatile function. Plus, I already have an evented sequence that does something similar to this, but it is "clumsy" & can't (that I know of) draw pictures until after an item is selected.

    Yanfly's Common Event Menu:

    A Menu kind-of like this format:

    This plugin could ideally be used for many things (provided a person could work the script itself, since I would want to make this as simple as possible; e.g. not add any, or few, plugin adjustable '@param' options), but the function I have in mind for it would be part of an elaborate hotel-like sequence. Of course, if a person wanted to be more detailed, I don't mind :p & I'd be happy to help where I could.
    1) The plugin script-call would be attached to a map event.
    2) When the event is "clicked", the plugin will open a window (similar to the one above), & display a list of selectable items (a food menu).
    3) As each item is highlighted, "help text" & a picture are both auto-drawn in their respective places.
    4) Selecting an item will trigger a designated switch (which can be evented to do anything, of course).

    And that's about it. It sounds simple in my head, but I have a feeling that it's gonna be more involved than it seems, (esp. since I've already browsed plugins that are somewhat close to this to see if I could re-engineer them to my purposes, but haven't had much luck.................... but that could also be b/c I suck at JS, :guffaw: )

    P.S. As a side note, I'm not trying to overstep Yanfly, or "recreate" the Common Event Menu. I'm trying to make a plugin that bypasses eventing a menu altogether.
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