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Aug 4, 2017
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Description of the Feature:
  • When creating an event, you can double click on an existing command. This opens up the window that allows you to choose which event you want to insert. I suggest adding hotkeys for event commands; rather than double clicking and going through a window, I can just hit the key combination to create a specific event command.
    • For example, if I'm selected to an existing event command and I hit Ctrl+F, it might insert a "Fadeout Screen" command above the currently selected event command.
  • If the event command you're adding has extra options, RMMV would still give you an opportunity to set the options.
    • For example, if I'm selected to an existing event command and I hit Ctrl+T, it might insert a "Show Text..." command. Just like normal, you are presented with the "Show Text" window, and have to fill out the settings. The event command is only inserted if you hit the "OK" button.
  • The hotkeys should be configurable from the settings window. To keep things tidy, the hotkey settings probably shouldn't be mashed into the current Options window, and rather should get their own window. This could be accessed either using its own menu option or via a button in the Options window.

There isn't a lot to mockup here. It's mostly just keyboard shortcuts for already existing options. However, if I have any say in the hotkey settings window, GIMP has a pretty nice one. Something like that would be ideal, but not necessary. I would assume each of the event command categories (i.e. Party, System, Flow Control, etc.) would get its own dropdown in this list.
Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 7.15.58 AM.png

Why is this feature good?
  • Currently, adding events is a little bit kludgy. You open up a window with three whole tabs, dig through all the options, and eventually select the thing you're looking for. When you're new to RMMV, this is alright, but it quickly gets tedious when creating a lot of events. Hopefully this would streamline the process.
  • I've found that I'm only using around 10 different event commands, and the rest I only use occasionally. By allowing users to configure the hotkeys, they can easily access their favorite event commands.
  • By making hotkeys configurable, you can be sure that anyone can configure hotkeys specific to their keyboard. This means that you don't need to worry about localizing hotkeys.
  • Also by making hotkeys configurable, people won't get mad if their favorite event command is put on Ctrl-J.
  • And since we're using computers (and not tablets) to run RMMV, we should be able to take advantage of our 50-or-so extra buttons. :rswt

Possible issues with this feature?
  • This could make maintaining RMMV harder. For example, if a new event command gets added, the hotkey settings must get updated, too.
  • There are somewhere between 100 and 120 different event commands. Now that's a lot of damage possibilities. It could get a little overwhelming to assign hotkeys without a decent interface.
  • This might be difficult in Qt. I don't know if it has any features to make this easier to make.

I've only been using RMMV for about a month or so, and this is probably the main feature I've been wanting the most. Many other tools I've used in the past (GIMP, Blender, Unity, etc.) attempt to streamline their most heavily use features. I feel like event creation is RMMV's greatest feature. I think it deserves to get a little more streamlined.


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Oct 8, 2013
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I would rather a keybind that creates a search bar and allows me to search for the type of event I want. That way I only have to remember 1 keybind to create the event I want with keyboard. Plus the only complicated part to implement this is the search UI. It's entirely flexible to what types of events exist etc.

E.g. Press Ctrl+F > type in 'Wai' > Search auto-fills 'Wait' > I press enter > Wait UI appears.


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Nov 14, 2019
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Could be usefull, but I would prefer beeing able to write commands (or code) directly in the event window.

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