Jul 23, 2021
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Just so anyone who reads this knows, I have very little experience with making games though I seem to be catching on really quickly. I hardly understand anything about coding though. Hopefully no one had to dumb anything down too much for me.

I wanna make hotspots that only appear after a player has reached certain scenes that add certain persistent variables. I'm using it to build up a map, but if someone plays through the game and doesn't unlock one of the areas, I don't want it on the map.
An example of what I'm trying:
If a certain dialogue option is picked, the player will get a scene that leads them to a new secret area. That scene will add a persistent variable called "add secret area."
Now under the map menu, I would like for a visible hotspot to show up that's triggered by the "add secret area" variable.
If that area wasn't unlocked, it won't appear on the map.

Not only do I not know how it's done exactly, (hotspots with conditions) but I don't know if I'd have to layer the commands in a certain way to have them all work together. I'd be adding 10 hotspots that require these persistent variables, but not all of them will show up naturally as you progress through the game, because like I said, some would require specific dialogue options to be picked.

Is this something I can possibly do? I know it's a bit much for someone who hasn't been using VN maker for long, but I've figured out a lot very quickly so I wanted to try. Also I REALLY hope I explained that in a way that makes sense, so I'm sorry if it's confusing.

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