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Mar 28, 2013
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I put my main project away for now and started a new small one. It's supposed to be released for Halloween, so it's Mystery/Crime game. (I can't make Horror Oo) Anyway, read the details below:

House of cards (name will probably change)


You are a police officer who got called to an old mansion, because the head of the household was found dead. The case is clear, it was murder! But just when you were about to leave the house with the culprit, the doors didn't open. And even the windows didn't budge an inch. You are trapped together with the muderer and the rest of the family. Being level-headed as you are you try to find a way out. But then, the murderer was found dead! Now it's your task to find out what happend. And why these two deaths won't be the only ones.
What I'm looking for:

- Mapper: Just for a single map, actually. For the garden in front of the mansion. (OPEN)

- Composer: It's not easy to find modern/horror music, so I'll need them to be made ^^° (OPEN)

What I can give you in return:

- Art: Though I'm not sure if you like my artstyle

- Pixelart: Only sprites and icons, I'm still a beginner

- Writer: To a certain extent ^^°

- Voiceactor: German and English (You'd have to get used to my accent though)

So, I hope that you guys are interested in my project^^ If you want to join, please send me a sample of your work first.

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