House upgrades - Decorate your house! (XP Ver.)


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Mar 30, 2013
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So I put together this quick little tutorial for XP users. A VX/Ace version will be coming soon :)

This tutorial shows you how to make a simple system for buying/upgrading items in the player's house/hideout/shelter/whatever you wish to call it. :p

To make the most out of this tutorial you'll need a basic understanding of comment eventsconditions, and switches.

Keep in mind this probably isn't the "best" way to go about this. It's just the way I did it. Also, I apologize if there are any other tutorials like this, I couldn't find any while scouring the Internet (which is why I made this tutorial) :p

I also apologize in advance for my cringingly-old interface. This computer is old, so I set it like that so it would run faster. :p

Onto the tutorial!

1. Make the starting map. Mine contains the interior of an empty house, and a bed. Put items that cannot be upgraded (such as the bed) as tiles on this map.

2. Now make a new event. This event will be used to trigger the house upgrades, in other words it will be the "catalog" that you buy the items from. Choose a graphic - it can be a housekeeper/person, sparkly thing, book/magazine, anything. I chose a treasure chest for this tutorial. Now click OK - we will come back to this event later.

3. Decide where you want to place your first house upgrade. I chose the reindeer head mount as an example, so I'm placing it on the wall. For things like shelves and vases etc, you'll want to place them on the floor. Make a new event on this square, and leave it blank. We will come back to it later.

4. Now make a Common Event. Be sure to name it so you don't get confused! (Naming events is a good habit to make anyway). Leave the Trigger to None. Now create a new command to "Control Switches..." and make a new switch, name it after your house upgrade. Click OK, and click OK again. Your common event should now look like this

5. Now go back to the blank event we created in Step 3. This will be a 2 page event (or more, depending on how many times you want to upgrade the single item).The first page should be completely blank

The second page should have the tile of the upgrade as your Graphic (in this case, the reindeer head mount) and (THIS IS IMPORTANT) the switch ticked on under "Conditions" on the left. Choose the switch that we made in step 4. If you want to put some functionality to the item (healing/crafting/flavor text), now is the time to do it. (Simply event it as usual, but DO NOT TOUCH that switch condition). Click OK.

6. Now go back to the "catalog" event we created in Step 2. You can ask the player what they would like to buy, then state the price. Make a conditional branch that checks for x amount of gold, and inside it, call the common event that we created in Step 4. Add flavor text and other possible upgrades to your liking.

7. And viola! You have created your first house upgrade/buyable item. Have fun, and go nuts. If you have any tips on how to expand to this tutorial, post it below. I'd love to see your input :)

That's all for now! :)


Nov 12, 2016
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Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I'm going to use this is a method of creating a trophy room for collectibles in my game. :guffaw: It works great with no scripts too, thank you!


Sep 14, 2018
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Amazing, will use it for trophy room too

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