How can i do a sprite change system? and equitable items?

Jan 5, 2020
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im looking for a method to change my sprites with the use of a equitable item, i can make the sprites and all for it, though the issue is im not sure how to make a item, similar to a equip item such as armor, so your able to use it and then remove it, with the effect of said item switching the character sprite to a different fashion.
would be great if i could use a in game over lay, rather then replacing the sprite, though i dont think thats possible,

idea is that i want to set it up so that any character may buy or find the item, and wear it or have another party member wear it, given gender roles, possibly limiting each item to a specific character,
the other issue is, im not sure how i can add another equip slot, if even possible, if not, is there a way i could get around that, without making the item use up a equip slot thats already there?

i was thinking about doing this with different actors, though that would stuff up stats, then i was thinking about adding it into the class change system, still thinking about doing this rather then a complex fashion change system,
the last method is allot more simple, were i can make a npc (fashion merchant) that you can go and buy a item, and it would then change the sprite, but not the class, if i do that though the only issue is that i would like to have it that you have to buy each fashion set, but i can only work that out for 1 character, not sure how i can set it up for all the characters,
sort of just thought of a way to do the buy system, have it set up so that you have to buy or find a key item, said KEY item unlocks the use of a command the fashion merchant has, allowing them to change into that item, if they dont have that item, it would bring up a message saying "You dont own that item yet" or something like that anyway.
(yes i know allot of work there, but i really have nothing better to do, and drawing is my job anyway, so doing the sprites is just time, and not really that hard for me to do,)


Dec 16, 2016
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It's possible to change sprite appearance from equipment if you're using generator parts and plugin called Characters Maker.
Mokusei Penguin got it covered however there's an incompatibility issue with Yanfly plugins.

Without the plugin/ generator parts, maybe setup a common event for the item to change character sprite?


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Aug 3, 2012
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