Sep 17, 2020
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So first:

I basically want to create an extra option in the main menu to delete saves:

New Game
Delete Save(s)

Something like ^ This.
It would bring up the save files the way the Continue game option would and then if the user clicks on one of the files they could get a yes or no option to delete it.

I am not familiar with ruby. Is there a delete file command?
Is there way to call on dos commands like in c++?
Then I could at the very least just run the dos command. ?

As for complex lists:

I am looking to make choice menu for the player. Normally that would be the easy part just make an event using the choice command. However It's more complicated than that. I want the player to be able to choose from the list names of people who they have met. Only people they have met will be on the list. So the list gradually does get longer. Starting from zero this list would get quite a lot larger maybe only up to a certain number but then you can start choosing to replace names with new ones after? This is something I haven't figured out a concept for but I would love to get it working. I am going to have to learn Ruby at this rate. lol.
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