How do I...construct a "reset all" event for multiple maps?

Jul 12, 2020
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There's puzzle involving pushing a ball around on 3 floors. It starts on the 3rd floor, and you can push it into a hole that takes it to the 2nd floor. Then on the 2nd floor, you can also push it into a hole that takes it to the 1st floor. And then you can finally push it into a hole on the 1st floor to hit a game progression mark.

For the sake of coding, I'm using 1 variable that's called "Ball fell!" and this is what makes the balls appear on the corresponding floors. (Ball 1 with Ball fell =1, Ball 2 with Ball fell = 2, and Ball 3 with Ball fell = 3).

The thing is...I am using the <Save Events Location> tag on all of the "ball" events, but I want to make it to where...if the player messes up on any of the floors, there's a coin on the 3rd floor you can pick up that completely resets all of the balls.

I just can't seem to figure out a good way to setup a "reset all" coin since the ball only resets correctly on the 3rd floor. If you go to the 2nd or 1st floor, the variables are triggered correctly, but their positions on the 2nd and 1st floor remain in the "stuck" positions because of that <Save Event Location> tag...

What's a good solution to tell the game to reset those Ball 2 and Ball 3 positions from 1 event on the 3rd floor...?

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