Dec 8, 2017
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So I'm a little confused on what to do when I have a room smaller than 17x13 tiles. I know if I make the room bigger, my character moving will make the camera scrolls around the map. But I have two options when it's smaller, either put pure black tiles around the room and make them impassable, or edit the size smaller and then have the parallax background set to black. But, I also want to create borders around the rooms so that they don't look so clear cut between the room and the background. This link is the clearest example of what I mean:

How would I achieve something like this, and if I did use it would it be better to use black tiles in the void of the room, or resize the room to smaller than 17x13? And how can I achieve different colours, like how the border is slightly darker where the wall drops down, and along the floor? I was thinking that perhaps auto-tiles were part of the solution, but I wanted to double check here. Thank you very much for your help


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Mar 18, 2012
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The black space around the room appears automatically. Any space without a tile on it will appear black in game.

The borders around the room are autotiles, found on the A tab. There are Celianna's tiles, which is why they look a bit more thin and streamlined than the RTP tiles.

I'm not certain how the the vertical "posts" and the border at the front floor were done. It could be special autotiles created, but more likely whoever made this map made special pieces for those and either parallaxed the map or put them into the tileset. Without knowing a bit more about the origin of the map I can't say for certain.

But, it all boils down to you would need to use an image editing program to create those special pieces.

edit: Actually, I zoomed in and took a closer look and it looks like those pieces were edited from the autotiles:
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