How do I go about remaking the Dokokashira Door Glitch in RPG Maker MZ


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Feb 3, 2014
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So I decided to start a quest on recreating bugs and glitches from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green in RPG Maker MZ.

But I wanted to ask the community at large how to go about with one glitch in particular:

The Dokokashira Door Glitch is a glitch found in the original Japanese releases of the first gen Pokemon games and its a bug that has to do with the use of the select button

"From a new game, the player obtains at least two items, with Oak's Parcel in the second slot. The bag should then be opened and the player should press the Select button on Oak's Parcel, then select Cancel twice. This will cause the cursor to stay white. A wild battle should be initiated and then the player should open the Pokémon menu and press A while over first Pokémon, thus swapping it with a 'M (FF). The player should open the fight menu, to prevent the game from managing as if there are no Pokémon on the field when the battle ends and then run away.

From now on, the glitch should be active. Some of its effects are undesirable, such as slight graphical errors on the main map interface; however, one of the more useful effects will ensure that the warp location of the next door the player walks through is relevant to the amount of extra steps they have, with the warp location changing every extra four steps."
-Explaination on how to do the glitch from Bulbapedia

Basically I would need an event to trigger to start a variable that is incremented from the player walking and that a conditional branch is placed on a door with the door's condition being whatever that walking variable would send the player to whatever map including those that skip to the end of the game.

So with that being said, did I get the basic idea down?


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Mar 2, 2012
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I've moved this thread to MZ Support. Thank you.

Questions about how to implement a certain function/feature go into the Support or Plugin Requests forum for the particular engine.

I haven't played the game, but from your description, you'd just attach a common event to the item that will put the player's current steps (Control Variables > Game Data > Other > Steps) into a variable, then on the door event, do the same to put the player's steps into another variable, and then subtract the variable with the original steps. Then a series of conditional branches to determine what map to send them to based on how many steps they've taken. If the object stays in inventory, you might want to add a condition to the common event to only set the variable if it's currently 0 - otherwise the player could activate it, walk around a bit, activate it again, which would start the count over.

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