How do I make apk for android? old method do not work no more


Jan 4, 2017
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UPDATE-it works now, i reinstalled android 2.4 preview 6 - 64bit now it works.

Hi, im trying to export my game and compile apk for android. thing is the manual method no longer works from the manual.

The problem is the old version of crosswalk 2015 version that has the apk maker. it no longer uses it. and it requires specific sdk version which i dont know.

I got all environment paths set and Python 3.5, JDK, SDK, crosswalk- installed.

I need to find what version of Android SDK that works with crosswalk- I tried Android studio 2.4 preview 7 6 and android studio 2.1.2. Which bit version of studio should i use 32bit or 64bit?

I got 2.4 with preview 6 to compile once with apk but now i get tons of damn errors messages from android studio after the first compile.

I've tried website 2 apk builder but that produces errors too.

I've tried html5apkbuilder, and that outputs apk without any audio or most of the files, a 10mb apk should be 250 apk, i know apk needs to be 100mb or less unless using obb. just for testing.

Which version of JDK should i use? I've tried 8 and 7 32bit and 64 bit.

I tried all the hard ways and easy ways to compile apk none work anymore. what to do? seems like rm mv is outdated as far as exporting to mobile.
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Levi Hilton

Jun 27, 2017
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I am still having this problem, if you found a good solution please let me know. The xdk way doesn't work anymore, and the manual way works for me, but then it asks you to download another app in order for the apk to work.

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