RMMV How do you feel about your game looking back?

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    What would you change about your game?
    A lot of things. I was (as those who finished my game know) in a very emotional state when I made this. There's some events that need to be redone, scenes that need to be rewritten, puzzles to add, and so on. I wasn't able to correctly show what my game is about, which meant the ending came out of nowhere, so that needs a lot of work. I also want to add more endings.

    What are you most proud of?

    Actually finishing the game. It's the very first time that I finished a project and on such a tight deadline. Here's hoping many more will follow.

    Do you think you'll be in the top 3?

    No. Even if I'm not DQ'ed, I don't think I'll make top 20.

    What have you learnt when making your game?

    Comprise is key. Letting go is important.

    What is your favourite game you've played so far and why?
    Dear Edwin, Einherjar, Paletta, Royal Odyssee: Foundation and Once Upon A Spirit. I still have several games I need to play, but these ones so far I've enjoyed the most.

    Oh and I made Dreaming Alice.
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