How to alter the commands in the battle window?

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    Me and my brother need help with how to alter the way the battle system meny works. We suppose it pure scripting which controls the way the rows and options that the player have when battling, sadly we have nun scripting knowledge kind of.

    How we would want the battle meny rows to behave. 

    Battle Meny: (picture "1")

    -Attacks --> submeny (where the player choose which attack, see picture "2") --> Final meny (picture "3") where the player select the power level of the attack.



    __End of Turn__

     When you enter a battle we want the players to have the meny looking like the picture called "1". when pressing the first option we want the player to face a new row of "attacks" (picture "2"),which when pressing on go to the final meny seen in picture "3".

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance

    main screen.png

    second meny.png

    last meny before the actual turn play out.png
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    Yes, you'll need a script.

    I've moved this thread to Script Request. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.

    Check the master script list for "command manager" scripts - there are already some available and they might be able to do what you want, but I doubt it as you have three command levels and most scripts limit themselves to two command levels.

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