How to Change Actor's Graphic without changing anything else.


Sep 12, 2015
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This is how to change the appearance(disguise?) of an Actor in your party in a way that you will not lose your level, equip, gold or anything else because you are only changing the graphics.

It is done through an event.
You don't need to change your equipment for this unless, you want to change it to match your disguise. The graphic will change regardless.

Eric finds a treasure chest.

Create a treasure chest event.
Under Content, with the Armor tab, I added Iron Armor.

Change Actor Graphic 2.png
Then, under Content again, I added an Iron Helmet.

Change Actor Graphic 3.png

Change Actor Graphic 1.png

When you open the chest, this is what the Event Page 1 should look like if you want the actual new

Change Actor Graphic 4.png

The Change Actor Graphic is done on Page 3 on the Event tabs.

Change Actor Graphic 5.png

You character's graphics will show.
The graphics I used are from People4,#6

Just click on your Char graphic and change it to People 6 #6

Change Actor Graphic 6.png

then your Char face graphic and do the same.Change Actor Graphic 8.png

Page 2 of the Event will look like this.

Change Actor Graphic 9.png

If you don't want the equipment and only the graphic change, event your chest this way.

Change Actor Graphic 11.png

Page 2 would be the same.

Comments,etc. always welcome.


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