How to clone enemies in a troop no scripts


Apr 22, 2013
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Splitting enemies in a troop:

I was fooling with this and got it working pretty good so I wanted to share one script free method for cloning an enemy in a troop.

(If there is a more efficient way to handle multiple splits in a troop without duplicating skills and common events as you will see in my pics, please share another way.)

First, create the enemy you wish to split and copy that enemy in your enemies tab. Adjust the copies parameters as desired for whatever you are doing.

Just so you get what it is the enemies names are in my example the enemy is Paste and Paste Weaker.

In your troop menu, have the Original enemy appear first. Do not add anything other than the original first. it should be in Index 1. Next, add all of the duplicate versions of this enemy to the same troop but place them under Appear Halfway. Just right click your mouse as you add the duplicates and hit appear halfway on the duplicates. They should look transparent.

Now to go the Common Events tab and title your event Split. In the contents of  your Split event, go to page three, battle and Enemy Appear.

(Don't worry about the copied common event split. The second Split event is for another copy of a skill called split meant to concentrate on index numbers 4-6 in my troop.)

Create a skill called split and have it call up the Common Event Split.

Take a look at my troop event pic again just above. Notice how many pages it has. I'll explain that below.

On the first page of your troop event, set up your conditions for when the original will split.

I added a wait 10 frames to the first page because of my event settings in page two. Look:

On page 2 I matched the conditions for event activation. The second page Is focused on eliminating the original. I have reduced the originals health to 0 or below 0 by subtracting 3000 health. Be sure to check the box that says allow knockout when you reduce health to 0!

Now about my Wait frames on page 1 and why it matters.

Without the wait frames, after the original splits it will linger on screen until you hit it. But we do not want the original lingering around after it has split. If you add a few wait frames it allows the events to work themselves out without any issue.

So now you have your clones and the original is gone! If you want to clone even further. Then you will want to see the pages 3-6. Here are the other pics with the other conditions. Note that I just copied the conditions for how the original splits into the duplicates as well and just made some simple adjustments. This is why I have a duplicate skill and common event called Split. They are focused on enemy index 4 5 and 6.

And...that's it. Page 4 is exactly like page 3 except it is the  other paste weaker duplicates settings and page 6 is like page 5 but focused on eliminating the other after it splits.

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