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Mar 26, 2012
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Bit of an update. For anyone who cares or ever needs this, I've figured out how to do it, no scripts necessary.

Within the database, go to the Troops page and look at battle events. "Span" should be set to Battle, and "Conditions" should be set to Enemy X's hp is 0% or below (With X being the enemy that you're counting kills of).

The event itself should simply be Control Switch: Monster Killed ON (you'll need to create a switch for this purpose.)

If there are multiple monsters within the same troop that you want counted, you'll need to create one troop event page per monster to be counted in the troop. Span should be the same on all of them, with conditions the same, aside from X being changed in each. Each event should turn its own Monster Killed switch (you'll need to create as many switches as you have monsters to count)

(Each troop event page should trigger for a different monster, so for example if you have a troop of 3 monsters and you want the deaths of the first 2 counted, you would create 2 pages and set the conditions as Enemy 1's hp is 0% or below and Enemy 2's hp is 0% or below while enemy 3 wouldn't need a page since its not intended to be counted. The events would likewise be Control Switch: Monster Killed 1 ON, and Control Switch: Monster Killed 2 ON)

Now. Once you've got your troop events and switches set up, go to the Common Events page (also in the database) and create one common event for each switch you have in the previous section. Each common event should have its trigger set to autorun, and the condition switch corresponding to a different Monster Killed switch for each event.

Each of the common events themselves should proceed as follows (note that you'll need to create a single "monsters killed" variable):

Control Variables: Monsters Killed +1

Control Switches: Monster Killed X OFF

Each common event should turn off its own trigger switch upon completion.

Now finally, let's say you want your players to talk to a certain NPC who will only respond once they've killed 10 of this specific kind of monster. What you would do is create a conditional branch, the condition being Variable: Monsters Killed >= 10. Under that first branch you'll put whatever aspects of the event you want to occur once the number of monsters has been reached is, and under "Else" you can put whatever sort of "you have not killed the required number of monsters" message you want.

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