How to creat an ABS with sword actually in hand without plugins.


Jan 11, 2021
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Okay had to take photos with my phone I’ll do screen shots later but in case any one needs this information here it is... a custom ABS (action battle system) before you begin create a switch called Sword On for later use

Step 1: turn on a Switch and name it Sword1. Important make sure that switch is turned on before anything ... On every map you want your Actor to be able to use his sword you need to create an running with the trigger set to Parallel with no conditions. Then under “Game Progression” create a variable and name it .. I use Attack ON. Set up as follows: Operation “Set” Constant at “16” .. this will insure you can always call the common event

Step 2: Create an Enemy Event set to run on Parallel with no conditions and set its graphic. On the first page create a variable again set up as EnemyHP1 SET constant to 10 (or desired HP amount.) then turn on Self Switch A.
Page 2 set to player touch with the condition Self Switch A .
set up a conditional branch with Else enabled. Set it with “If The switch Sword On is ON then go to set movement route. Set to skip and wait

This Event
walking animation OFF
speed 6
Frequency 5
1 step backward
speed 4
frequency 3
walking animation ON

Control switch Sword ON = OFF
Control variable EnemyHP1 sub 5 (or any other amount you desire lol )

Below Else

Play desired animation if any to represent the player taking damage

Set movement route : Player set to Skip and Walking Animation OFF
Speed 6
Frequency 5
1 step backward
Speed 4
Frequency 3
Walking animation ON

Change HP for the player by -1 or guessed it desired amount of damage
Check allow death

Between End and End lol


Conditional Branch :If EnemyHP1 = 0
Play sound effect
Add a reward I give gold
Control Self Switch B = ON
Set movement route : Player Walking Animation on ( prevents glitches )


Page 3 condition self switch B
Below Character
Action Button
(This is a dead enemy) if you want them to repsawn add another page if not you can stop at 3

Page 4 condition self switch B set to Parallel

wait 900 frames
Wait 900 frames
Play an animation to represent respawning
Self switch A = OFF
Self Switch B = OFF

note you can copy and paste this BUT for multiple enemies to work you MUST simply create a new Variable called for example EnemyHP2 do this for each time the the variable is used in the event and you can create as many enemies as you like by copy and paste and a slight edit

Now go to system and common Events

Create a common event Name it .. mines Holy Sword set the trigger to parallel with switch Sword1.

If you want a sword in your players hand you must open the character sheet in GIMP and copy the actor with its hand in each row and create a new sheet.. no walking animation just holding the hand out and draw sword or animate the arm and sword swing. Export it imgs characters. Anyhow....

Contents of common Event:

Conditional Branch: IF Shift is being pressed
Conditional Branch : if Attack ON = 16
Control switches Sword On= ON
Change actor image (to the one with a sword )
Set movement route : Player Skip, Wait
Speed 6
Frequency 5
1 Step Forward
Speed 4
Frequency 3

Change Actor Images : back to your character
Control Switches Sword On = OFF
Control Variables Attack On = 0


Set movement route :
Player no wait no skip
Speed 4
Frequency 3 ( also prevents any Glitching )


That’s it with those steps you can now make a Zelda styled combat game apply it any way you want I’ve already got Boss battles in mind. enjoy

can work for MV or MZ


Oct 8, 2018
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having a demo for this would be usefull to check on, nice job though =)

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