RMMV How to display battle animation on actor window?

Jan 4, 2020
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Hi! Does anyone know how to play battle animation in actor window for front view battle system? Im making my own battle gui. The default only shakes the screen. For example if an enemy attacks an actor, the attack animation will be displayed on actor window.

The approach that i have in mind is to enable sprites like in sideview and set the location at actor window, then just set the opacity to 0.

Problem is i cant find the code that handles that, i have tried setActorHome from Sprite_Actor but it didnt work (no animation playing). Probably sprite still disabled because of front view. Which part of code that enable/disable sprite on sideview/front view? I cant find what i need from Sprite_Battler, Sprite_Actor, Game_Battler.

Any ideas?

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