How to fix most of the problems after an update on MV

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Mar 2, 2014
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Most of the updates that come with an engine like RPG Maker MV (RPGMV from now on) will actually cause problems to projects in development. Since we had a load of Steam and forum request on issues that can be easily be fixed, by following the same simple steps, I decided to create a thread to pass this knowledge easily to the community and have a link to share with people in trouble.

So, first things first. Why did your project return an error? Well Steam updated the files of RPGMV. If not Steam, you might manually did it yourself. It makes no Difference really. So you got the newest version. What does that mean? Well it is possible you got more features, but that means that those features must be activated through code. So code files might have actually changed.
Your project though, runs obsolete files. Thus there might be incompatibility issues that might return an error like:

Reference Error: makeVideoPlayableInline is not defined

That was my error message. A new project though, worked just fine. So how do we solve this?
Before doing anything, check Steam file integrity for RPGMV If everything is fine.
You can do this by right clicking on RPGMV and choosing Properties, then the Local Files tab, then VERIFY INTEGRITY OF APPLICATION FILES...
Then continue reading:

There are some simple steps you should take to make everything work again most of the time.
  1. First off, make a backup of your project on a new folder. Now you have a backup at a safe place, you can try things without being afraid of doing unwanted damage to your project.
  2. Disable ALL plugins. If not possible, then remove them for the time being. Some plugins might become incompatible on a major update so we MUST put them out for now. Save them on another folder.
  3. Create a new project and save it.
  4. Open the folder of the new project. Open then the folder of your broken project.
  5. Copy index.html of the new project and paste it into your broken project's folder. You will actually overwrite the old one that way.
  6. Open the js folder of the new project. Open the js folder of your broken project.
  7. Copy - paste the folder libs overwriting everything from the new project to the broken one.
  8. Copy - paste all js files from the js folder of the new project to your broken project js folder. Yes you will overwrite the broken project's js files.
  9. Copy - paste plugins folder from the new project to your broken project. If you have tweaked the plugins it will overwrite them, that's why we took a backup at step 2.
  10. Finally get out of js folder and copy fonts folder from the new project and paste it on the broken project folder, overwriting the existing one.
That way, you update everything that has to do with javascript related stuff. So what about the removed plugins?
Well you add one after another and test them to see if they work. If you want, you can do this first on the new project. If it breaks it, then report an incompatibility issue to the author of the script and hopefully wait for a fix.
Notice: Not supported plugins are actually... not supported.

Finally, in case your issue is not solved in that way, you should rollback to the previous version.

  • Go to Steam Library
  • Choose RPG MAKER MV and right click on it
  • Select Properties
  • Select Betas
  • Choose let's say 1.5.2
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