How to give screen dreamlike effect?

Discussion in 'RPG Maker VX' started by Roseredpinball, May 25, 2017.

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    In my game a lot of flashbacks are incorporated, and to distinguish between present and flashback, I wanted to give the screen a sort of dreamlike effect during flashbacks. For example, maybe make the edges fuzzier, tint the screen a little bit gray. Any suggestions on this would be much appreciated! But really what I'm looking for is how to go about doing this? Is there a way to work within the engine itself to accomplish this? Or would I need a script? I know how to tint and show picture. If I were to do show picture though, how would I make the picture take up the whole screen and where can I find a picture matching my description? Any help is very much appreciated, thank you!
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    The easiest is to have a picture with fuzzy edges and maybe some small blur too if you want and on the map you can use Tint screen.
    The way to show picture on the whole screen is simple, have a picture that's as huge as the creen size or scale it that way.

    There are many sources to find a picture you desire, many of them even free for commercial use. You just need to do your own search, find what suits you the best.
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